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Foreigners take the Russian language exam in Mirny

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Foreigners to pass exam
IA «Yakutia24». Pallid statistics show a decrease in the influx of foreign labor in Yakutia. But the diamond capital never ceases to attract people of Central Asia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.
Many retail outlets, market stalls, fruit and vegetable stalls are presented with sons and daughters of Ala Tau, Osh and Jalal-Abad.

Mid-February. Taxi driver Tavakkyul Baloglan oglu hurries to Mirny Polytechnic Institute of NEFU. No, he is not an extramural student and not going to enter the university. And Mirny Polytechnic Institute is not his alma mater. Tavakkyul Baloglan oglu passes examinations in the Russian language and Russian history.  At the Department of the Faculty of Humanities.The taxi driver was born in a small Azerbaijan village of Fizuli.

Tavakkyul Baloglan oglu had never touched phraseological or spelling dictionaries of the Russian language before then.  Poor knowledge of the Russian language does not prevent him from working fine in the diamond capital and get a good profit.

If topical issues of patent and registration are already a familiar phenomenon for the Federal Migration Service, the exams for the knowledge of the Russian language became a sheer puzzle.

Only those who come from Bishkek - the capital of Kyrgyzstan - show satisfactory knowledge of the Russian language. Worse - natives of the southern city of Osh and Kara Su district. But foreigners from neighboring countries do not become flustered.  A pair of standard phrases in Russian is enough for them.

Among the citizens of Azerbaijan residents of Baku tolerably know Russian. Today pocket spelling and phraseological dictionaries, textbooks on the history of Russia find a quick sell in Mirny. Foreigners have to learn the language thoroughly.

Stanislav Alekseyev, Mirny