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“Genesis 2.0” Yakutsk premiere

  • Published in Culture
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A documentary movie “Genesis 2.0” had its premiere at the “Lena” cinema on July 10. The film was presented by a young Yakut director Maxim Arbugaev.


"This is the most exciting show for me, the show I was most looking forward to because the premiere takes place here, on my native place in Yakutsk," said Maxim Arbugaev. Before the show started he wished all the audience a "nice trip".

The documentary "Genesis 2.0" shows the life of hunters for tusks of extinct mammoths and scientists who are striving to make a breakthrough in science - to clone an ancient animal or create its hybrid.

Fascinating shots of the Arctic and Max Richter's music perfectly complement the picture. It picked up the prize for best cameraworkk at the international Sundance film festival. Produced and directed by Christian Frei. Co-directed by Maxim Arbugaev.

In Russian theatres on July 12.