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Kids’ design and research work exhibition in Yakutsk

  • Published in Culture
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Kids’ MILSET design and research works exhibition started in “Triumph” sports training center today, on July 11.

MILSET is a non-governmental, non-profit and politically independent youth organization, which aims at developing scientific culture among young people through the organization of science-and-technology programs.

The movement was established in Canada in 1987 and currently it unites 150 organizations in more than 80 countries around the world working with young people and for young people in the field of scientific activities.

There is an incredible number of stands with many original projects related to both new technologies and the history of their native land in the "Triumph" now. All this is the work of schoolchildren from around the world. Also there is an exhibition of national Yakut games and a huge statue of a mammoth.

The first President of the Republic of Sakha, Mikhail Nikolaev, gave an inspiring speech at the opening of the exhibition. “No matter, what nationality you are of and what country you represent. You are all the children of the planet. What happens these days is a miracle. It's amazing to watch the children of the 21st century create our future. It's the Age of Knowledge we live in , and the best school is the one that unleashes your talents,” – said Mikhail Efimovich.