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National Art Museum of Yakutia hosts Exhibition of Dolgan artists

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Dolgan exhibition1

33 paintings by Dolgan artists Yulia and Evgeny Porotovs are exhibited in the ‘Legends of ancestors’ display in the National Art Museum

Residents of Yakutsk already had time to get acquainted with the works of artists at the opening of the Days of Dolgan Culture in the State Assembly (Il Tumen). There are four further exhibitions in Yakutsk and the districts.
Artists from Krasnoyarsk Yulia and Evgeny Porotovs create on the topic of the Dolgan folk epic, similar to the Yakut Olonkho, the Arctic, everyday life and culture of the Dolgan people. For the first time, Yakut people saw paintings from the "Legends of ancestors" series at the opening of the Days of Dolgan Culture and Language in the building of the State Assembly of the Republic. Then the connoisseurs of art acquired ten original paintings at once.

"We came to see Yakutia, your living conditions, and also to show our works. I thank everyone who participates in our joint event. The culture of the Sakha people and the culture of the Dolgans are very close, here we feel at home,” said the artists about their first visit to Yakutia.

Having visited the Ysyakh of Tuimaada, Yulia and Evgeny Porotovs were inspired by the Yakut wrestling and horse races. They were also interested in the legend of the Cold Bull.

Dolgan exhibition2

According to Olga Timofeeva-Tereshkina, Deputy Executive Director of the Northern Forum organization, after some of the paintings were purchased, the artists sent several new works to Yakutia that the Yakut people can see by visiting a temporary exposition in the National Art Museum of RS (Yakutia).

"When a part of the paintings was bought, Yulia and Evgeny sent ten new works. In addition, the exhibition has souvenirs and all of it is available for sale. We want to invite artists for the second time to the ‘Winter starts in Yakutia’ Festival," she says.

The exhibition at the National Art Museum will last until September. Then the paintings will go to Namsky ulus, in October they will be exhibited at the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Art, in November - in the Kulakovsky House of Friendship.

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