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Yakut Theater plans to tour Shakespeare's Birthplace

  • Published in Culture
Sakha Theater
Viewers of Foggy Albion will see three performances based on the works of a classic of English literature

“We have 3 performances of Shakespeare: Tiit and My Friend Hamlet directed by Sergey Potapov and King Lear by Andrei Borisov. If everything works out, the theater will perform on the stage of the Globus Theater in London,” said Theater Director Anatoly Nikolaev.

In addition, as part of the Golden Mask festival, My Friend Hamlet can be performed at the Lenkom Theater in Moscow.

In 2019, the sixth studio of the Shchepkinsky Theater School will begin its work, where students from Yakutia will study. For the Sakha Theater, cooperation with the famous Shchepka is already a tradition - many theater actors studied there.