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‘Tuyaaryma Kuo’ Olonkho and ‘Kudangsa the Great’ in St. Petersburg

  • Published in Culture
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The Yakut epic Olonkho was performed in St. Petersburg in the 'Baltic House' Theater by the Olonkho Theater and Beijing Kunqu Opera on November 17. The performances were held under the auspices of 7th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum and within the framework of 125th anniversary of Platon Oiunsky, told Yakutia’s Minister of Culture Yuri Kupriyanov.

Petersburgers saw excerpts from Tuyaaryma Kuo and Kudangsa the Great performed by two theaters at once. A few days ago, Yakutsk enjoyed the performance of artists of the Beijing Kunqu Opera. Now, the Theater with its Yakut colleagues performed in St. Petersburg. The performance is based on the Olonkho of Platon Oiunsky. On November 19, a joint performance in the House of Music in Moscow is also planned. It should be noted that the cooperation of Yakutia with the Beijing Opera has been lasting for seven years.

We can’t take out all the inhabitants of Yakutia so that that they all get access to the world art. Therefore, State Adviser of the republic Andrei Borisov and many cultural figures of Yakutia had an idea - to bring all the UNESCO masterpieces to Yakutsk. So that's how an exchange project with the Peking opera appeared, which then came to us with its 'Peony Pavilion', a recognized masterpiece of UNESCO. Today, the Beijing Opera staged a performance on the Yakut Olonkho Tuyaaryma Kuo - this is the most beautiful girl for the Yakut people, the collective image of a woman. And our OlonkhoTheater  staged the Chinese Peony Pavilion,” told the Minister of Culture and Spiritual Development of Yakutia, Yuri Kupriyanov.


According to him, further joint projects and exchange productions are expected. So, at a recent press conference in Yakutsk, Honored Artist of the People's Republic of China, Young Feng Yi, noted that their Theater would be happy to work on another stage embodiment of the Yakut Olonkho.