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Diamonds of Yakutia: 25 teams participate in Ice and Snow Sculptures Contest

  • Published in Culture
Diamonds of Yakutia1

On November 26, the traditional ‘Diamonds of Yakutia’ Ice and Snow Sculptures Contest kicked off having gathered 25 teams, 6 of them are from other parts of Russia and abroad. The theme of the snow and ice contest is Legends of Winter.

The main condition for winning the contest is to cover the topic and use all the material. Expressiveness, impact on the viewer and sculptural execution will be evaluated by a competent jury headed by Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation, folk master, bone carver and ice sculpture author Fyodor Markov.
Diamonds of Yakutia2

The contest will be held in two nominations. The first is ice sculptures. The participants are given ice 1.5 meters high, 30 cm thick. Each team has eight such blocks. In total for work three days are given.

The second nomination is the creation of a snow sculpture. Each team will receive a pre-prepared material - a snow briquette of 3/2, 5/2, 5 meters. Two days are given to complete he sculpture.

Diamonds of Yakutia3

In total, 25 teams participate in the contest. The organizers noted that the composition of the participants is getting younger every year, and also there are craftswomen who, despite the cold, compete equally with men.

The festival brought participants from Krasnoyarsk and from abroad - Belarus, Canada, China and two teams from Mongolia.

Diamonds of Yakutia4

“We are for the first time in Russia. Yakutsk is a beautiful city. Your people are very polite, warm and welcoming. And the quality of ice is excellent, it is blue and transparent, there are few cracks, there are no fish inside, which happens quite often. We will embody Chione, the Greek goddess of ice and snow, who holds a bow, arrows and a dragon in her hands,” say participants from Canada Nathan McKay and Lawrence McFarlane. Since their country is also famous for frosts, they feel very comfortable in Yakutia.

Diamonds of Yakutia5

The results of the contest will be announced on December 1, and the winners will be awarded the next day, at the grand opening of the Stroganina-2018 festival as part of the 'Winter Starts In Yakutia' Festival.

Diamonds of Yakutia6