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Italian film director Diego Pascal Panarello: I want the whole world to know about the Yakut Khomus!

  • Published in Culture

As part of Khomus Day, which is celebrated today, on November 30, the Lena cinema hosted the premiere of the film Strange sounds of happiness by Italian film director Diego Pascal PANARELLO on November 28.


The film tells about a guy from Sicily, who accidentally finds out about the vargan musical instrument and sets his heart upon learning to play it for sure. And, having fallen in love with the strange sounds of khomus, he arrives in the distant cold Yakutia. Where he meets the director of the International Center of the Khomus of the Peoples of the World, Nikolai Shishigin, the virtuoso khomusist Spiridon Shishigin, the master Revory Chemcheev - Chemche Uus, the head of the 'Ayarkhaan' Ensemble Albina Degtyareva. This film production is the result of 5 years of work of the Khomus International Center, the film companies Stefilm - Italy, and Kick Film GmbH Munich, Germany.

Before the screening of the film, we took an exclusive commentary from director Diego Pascal PANARELLO:

“It all started when I began to learn and enjoy playing the instrument. I literally felt myself as if this little tool was talking to me. Then I began to look for people who were interested in khomus, I found, talked and discovered a wonderful world called Yakutia.

The world premiere took place exactly one year ago in Germany at one of the largest film festivals in Europe and since then, the film has been shown in America, Canada and European countries. We are now working to ensure the film distribution in Russia. Through this film, Europeans discover Yakutia for themselves, although before that they did not know anything, even I did not know about your region (laughs).”