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C.C.Catch in Yakutsk – Sold Out

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Catch in Yakutsk

C.C.Catch won the hearts with her hits and greeting in Yakut Urui-Aikhal

Yakutsk became the fourth city in Russia, where the German pop singer C.C.Catch performed. “I know not so much about Yakutia, but I like your energy. When I learned that the air temperature here was -45, I was in shock. We took a lot of warm clothes with us,” she said before the concert.

During her show, C.C. Catch repeatedly thanked the audience, both in English and in Russian, and even uttered Urui-Aikhal in Yakut several times.

Two dancers and musicians performed on stage with her, and she sang her hit number one as an encore.

CC Catch 2

Earlier, at the press conference the singer was presented with a gold pendant with the letter ‘C’ and a diamond, silver Yakut earrings and choron. C.C.Catch received gifts and flowers from fans during the concert as well.


We can say that the concert was a success, and C.C.Catch won the hearts of the Yakuts. Note that she left Yakutsk for Moscow, where she has a show at the Olympic Stadium (Olimpiyskiy).

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