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Esquire: 'The Lord Eagle’ in the list of best Russian films (video)

  • Published in Culture
Lord Eagle
The Yakut film is on the list of the best films of the outgoing year, according to Esquire magazine, the promo producer of the film Sardana Savvina reports.

The film ‘Toyon Kyyl (The Lord Eagle)’ by Eduard Novikov is included in the list of the best Russian films of the year according to Esquire magazine.

This year, Russian films have set records at home and fought for prizes at festivals in Rotterdam, Berlin, Cannes, Venice and Toronto. Esquire chose 20 domestic films of 2018, which you can watch (or watch once again) during holidays. There are no short films and documentaries in the list.

“The Yakut triumphant of the Moscow International Film Festival-2018: this is a parable of the old man and the old woman, who decide at the end of life to count the sum of all their sins. Piercing acting and pure symbolism once again help regional cinema to become known all over the country. However, the MIFF is not a limit for the Yakuts: some films from the Republic of Sakha were shown in Busan, Berlin, and Toronto,” the magazine writes about the Yakut film.