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Object d'art by famous Spanish artist in Yakutsk

  • Published in Culture
Spanish artist1

On January 29, an art object of one of the iconic contemporary world-famous Spanish artists, Okuda San Miguel, will be presented in Yakutsk

His works can be seen in such major metropolises as New York, Toronto, Tokyo, London, Berlin, Paris, and Moscow. In Russia, one of the works of the Spanish artist is going to be part of Yakutsk.

For the Yakutsk Biennale, Okuda San Miguel presented a geometric structure with sharp spikes and angles, fantastically iridescent colors, which is called "Primitive Mirage." This is the eighth art object that completes the large-scale BY-18 Yakutsk Biennale.

According to the author’s sketch and technical task of Okuda, the masters of the Sakha-Stal’ company created an original sculpture with a height of more than 4 meters within three months. “This is our first experience of working with artists. First, we carefully studied the project, made a mock-up, cut out, made a welded structure, installed and worked with color. The greatest challenge was geography: the customer was in Spain, then in America. Geographically, we are very far away, which has created certain difficulties with the approval of important stages of work, especially with the selection of colors. Given the fact that all people see colors differently, it was extremely difficult to select them. However, a consensus with the author was reached," shares his impressions Feodosy Fedoseyev.

Spanish artist2

Okuda creates surreal worlds in the urban space where the natural and the artificial get on together. The "Primitive Mirage" art object combines a visual maze of geometric shapes and a polychrome organic form. In his work, the artist from Santander cogitates over the conceptual contradictions of such fundamental topics as freedom, personality, raison d'etre, nature, roots. Creating an image of a man freed from the shackles of civilization, Okuda invites the viewer to dive into the imaginary field of thought.
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