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Russian Drama Theater - The Most Popular Theater in Yakutia in 2018

  • Published in Culture
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The most popular theater in 2018 in Yakutia was the Pushkin State Academic Russian Drama Theater. This was announced by the Minister of Culture of Yakutia, Yuri Kupriyanov, in his report on the results of last year.

“In 2018, attendance at theaters amounted to more than 186 thousand spectators. The most popular theater of the republic was the Pushkin Russian Drama Theater - 42 thousand 200 people.
Theaters toured a lot. Thus, under the 'Big Tours' program, the Puppet Theater toured a lot, the Youth Theater performed in Ulan Ude, the Russian Drama Theater - in Blagoveshchensk. In total, 25 districts were covered by the tour, 569 performances, concerts and circus performances were held in 185 settlements,” the minister said.

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Yuri Kupriyanov also announced attendance at other cultural venues. So, last year 1 million 773 thousand people went to the cinema, which is 13% more than in 2017. Attendance at museums increased by 16%. The ministry has 59 of them, they were attended by 705 thousand people. The most popular was the Yaroslavsky Yakutsk Museum - 137 thousand 300 people, ‘My History’ Museum - 111 thousand, National Art Museum - 92 thousand 900 people. The most popular municipal museum was the Neryungri Museum of the History of South Yakutia - 22,600 people.

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