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‘First Love’ from Yakutia will be released in France

  • Published in Culture
Mannajgy taptal

The film First Love (Mangnaigy Taptal) of the Yakut film director Stepan Burnashev is due for release on February 27 in France, according to Emily May, Borealia site editor. She believes that this film of a completely Yakut production will stimulate interest in the cinema of the Republic of Sakha.

Stepan Burnashev's film (director of films Kuta, Other Life, Republic Z) will be one of the twenty that are released every week in France. The official film distribution begins February 27, 2019.


Emily May, the editor of the Borealia website dedicated to literary and cinematographic works of indigenous peoples, has long been interested in Yakut cinema. She and Stepan Burnashev have got acquainted in 2012. She liked the film First Love right away. According to her, the film shows the North not only as a cold place where people wear traditional costumes. In addition, the film is perfectly adequate to Valentine's Day by its topic.


“We have long been interested in Yakut cinema. I personally have been visiting the Republic of Sakha for almost 20 years and watching films of various genres shot here. We believe that of all the films that we watched, First Love is the most universal for our public. We can show the North not only as a place where there is a lot of snow and people wear traditional winter clothes - people will come to know it as a place where they make movies. To present the 100% Yakut film is our goal. In France, people do not even think that somewhere in the distant Siberia, in the Far East there is their own cinema," commented on Emily May.


She notes that in France the film lives about three months after the release. Depending on the success at the box office, other cinemas may also be interested in it. At this time, the Association of Independent Feature Films became interested in the First Love by Stepan Burnashev. In case they like the film, it will be included in the list of films recommended for cinemas.