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Bichik Publishing House released an encyclopedia on shamanism

  • Published in Culture

The book Shamans - the Chosen of Heavens and Spirits, by the professor and scientist Rozalia Bravina, went on sale in the shops of the Bichik company. This is a great material about such a branch of the Yakut culture as shamanism, reports YSIA.


The author is Doctor of Historical Sciences, Head of the Sector for Archeology and Ethnography of the Institute of Humanitarian Studies and the Problems of Indigenous Peoples of the SB RAS, Professor Rozalia Bravina. The book Shamans - the Chosen of Heavens and Spirits contains archival materials, historical data and many illustrations, some photos are published for the first time.

Nadezhda Androsova, head of the editorial office of the popular publications of the ‘Bichik’ national publishing house, was one of the project editors. “The book traces the history of the birth and development of shamanism in the northern region from the time of the appearance of Lena petroglyphs to the 70s of the 20th century. It can be called an encyclopedia: there is a lot of information about shamans, their functions, symbolism, ritual vestments, tambourines, the nature of shamanic ecstasy,” the editor shared.

Shamans - the Chosen of Heavens and Spirits is intended for a wide range of readers. As Nadezhda Androsova said, orders have already been received from the Republic of Altai and Buryatia. The book Rozalia Bravina has every chance to reach the All-Russian level.