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Khomus Museum opens its branch in Mongolia

  • Published in Culture
Jews Harp museum in Mongolia1

On February 28, the World Peoples’ Khomus Museum and Center officially opened its branch in Ulaanbaatar. Until 2023, the Center and the new branch of the Museum in Mongolia will work on joint projects for the development of khomus (vargan) music in Mongolia and Yakutia.

Jews Harp museum in Mongolia2

The branch was opened by the prefect of the Chingelti district, Jamsrangyin Erdenobat, the president of the International Khomus Center of Peoples of the World Ivan Alekseev - Khomus Uibaan, the virtuoso khomusist of the world Spiridon Shishigin. The director of the Yakutsk Museum and the Khomus Center of Peoples of the World Dmitry Byastinov also took part in the opening ceremony.

Jews Harp museum in Mongolia3
“Our Khomus Museum and Center has expanded its international scope of activity down to the heart of the Asian steppes. We opened the fourteenth branch on the basis of secondary school No. 61 in the city of Ulaanbaatar on February 28, but the Cooperation Agreement was signed during the celebration of the Ysyakh National holiday last year when the delegation led by the head of school of Chingelti district of Ulaanbaator, Ayush Myonkhchimeg arrived from Mongolia to sign the official document on the branch opening," said the employee of the Yakutsk Museum Tuyara Zhirkova.

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According to her, special attention in the work of the branch will be paid to the promotion, re-creation, improvement of the national musical instrument of khomus, the study of the history of khomusists and craftsmen.

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