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Yakut actress acts in American movie (trailer)

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Yakut actress in American movie1
Actress from Yakutia Elena Kornilova appeared in the crime drama Brother`s keeper by American director Andre K. Jefferson, the premiere of which will take place on March 24 in Los Angeles.

Brother`s keeper is a story of two adoptive brothers who struggle with various mental illnesses and accidentally kill their mother.

Yakut actress in American movie2

Elena Kornilova, who lives in Los Angeles, plays the role of a former alcoholic named Shay.

“The role is small, but cool. I play a girl with the modest name Shay, but she is very brave, she was a problem and now is in AA group. The role is not super big, but interesting and funny, I especially liked the scene with the main character,” says Kornilova.

Yakut actress in American movie3

Elena Kornilova was born and grown up in Lensk. After school, she moved to Moscow, graduated from Moscow State University, faculty of journalism. In 2014 she moved to Los Angeles, graduated from acting school at the theater in Santa Monica. She acted in 27 films, including Fighting shadows, Red Velvet, Reel.

Elena is fluent in Russian, English, German and Spanish.

Yakut actress in American movie4

Yakut actress in American movie5

Nothing is known about the Russian premiere of Brother`s keeper. Elena herself will arrive in Russia at the end of March for the Moscow Horror Film Festival as a jury member.

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