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'Mirny Sings of Peace' Festival unites hearts

  • Published in Culture

The diamond capital to host the Mirny Sings of Peace Youth Song Festival on April 24-May 1.
It takes place for the 19th time, and the peculiarity of the festival is that everyone can participate in it - if there is a desire and talent. The organizers collect applications and select participants, and the headliners of the festival are going to Mirny. The festival program will, as always, be diverse and unforgettable: concerts, various workshops, ranging from music, photography, ending confectionery and other areas.

It seems that film fans will be delighted with the short film festival Koroche (In Short). DJs battle promises to be spectacular with a special guest - the famous DJ Groove. There will be a Kipyatok Show (Boiling Water Show) starring Sergey Orlov, a Moscow standupper, a participant of the STS and TNT channels show.

The history of the Mirny Sings of Peace Festival has begun back in 1980. The founders of the festival were former students of the Novosibirsk State University Alvina Shastina and Aleksandr Botkunov. Two friends had a great idea to create a festival that was not inferior in scale to events in big cities. Aleksandr Serdiuk is the new moving spirit and father of the festival.

In 2009, the festival brought together guests and participants from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, Lensk and from all over the Mirny district. Every year the festival was getting better, and in 2015 it gathered 400 participants. There were guests from various cities of our country. Two years later, in 2017, the festival gathered 500 participants, not only from different parts of Russia, but also guests from Prague.

Aleksey Bolotin, Chairman of the District Youth Committee, spoke in detail about the event:


- What is the significance of this festival for the Mirny district?

- This festival is important not only for the district. We are trying to attract representatives of neighboring areas as much as possible. Even representatives of other regions of our country sometimes take part in our festival. We have areas/directions that involve in absentia participation. In general, this festival advertises the whole republic pretty well.

We try to involve as many young people as possible in the process of cultural expression. And for this festival has been held every two years since the eighties of the last century.

Yakutia has announced the Year of Consolidation and its name suggests that it is necessary to unite young people as much as possible. The festival is the unifying force of the districts of the republic.

- What are the features of this year's festival?

- We traditionally try to diversify directions as much as possible. We look at areas, which are of a great interest for young people, and stay in tune with them. This year we have planned nine directions. This is a musical and dance direction, there will be DJing, poetry, the art of photography, visual arts, journalism. In addition, the original genre in which we want to unlock the potential of stage managers of the district and give them the opportunity to "rock." There will also be pastry art and plan to launch short films. There will also be a “humor / comic” direction - we will try to develop stand-up performances. In one of the directions will be a star guest. This is a world-class celebrity; He will have a performance in London right after the festival. We have such shows that are born right at the festival, which the performers themselves like later on. Guests from Spain will arrive to us, who will give a presentation of the Mirny district, based on the impressions of life in the North. They are preparing a whole separate concert. They interact with our performers and the management of culture. We will have a whole Spanish duet, who through their performance will show their vision of life in Yakutia. They will reflect this through music, through the video, which they have been producing for about six months.

We hope for a large-scale, major event, we hope that there will be as many participants as last time. This year we launched the site, which will give an opportunity to participate in the festival in absentia. There will also be an opportunity in a more simplified form to submit an application, to get acquainted with the situation of the event, and to ask questions.

We are planning a fire show and fireworks at the beginning of the festival. We hope to expand the scale of the Mirny Sings of Peace event. Young people will get a lot of new things from it. After all, the festival is imbued with the desire to create something new, besides that there will be many master classes. And I hope we will succeed.

Mirny Sings of Peace now plays out in fresh colors. The festival is being held jointly by the administration of the Mirny district, the Mirny city administration, ALROSA, Profalmaz trade union. We talked to the festival director Elena Brui:


- How did your participation in the festival begin?

- It began in 2009. My first festival is associated with homemade posters, the smell of gouache paints and a sense of belonging to something unimaginably large-scale. I then was a tenth-grader, I decided to try myself as a correspondent for the press center. The most vivid memories from the festival was the trip to Taas-Yuryakh with the festival gang and night concerts...

- How has your life changed since the beginning of your participation in the festival? How long does this work take?

- The festival became the first serious platform for me to gain organizational experience. It was there that I understood what the team means. This is when everyone is connected and functioning like a single well-oiled machine. The festival is an unprecedented phenomenon precisely because of its atmosphere. The festival has changed over the years, but the atmosphere remains the same.

- How is your routine? What is your job? Do you have any hobbies?

- I work at the Personnel Training Center. Since 2018, I have been chairing the ALROSA Association of Young Specialists. This field of activity takes a lot of time, which I spend with pleasure with the best team of like-minded people. I devote my free time to my 'Slova' School of Journalism, and I conduct classes in the Art-Khorovod creative space.

- Are the duties of the festival director and the head of the press center very different?

- Very different. At the last festival I managed one group, and now I coordinate 15 groups on the preparation of the festival and other processes. I feel a tremendous responsibility!

- Is it easy to find a common language with all participants / assistants?

- Yes! After all, we share a common wave - a love for creativity!

- How to choose guests for the festival?

- Members of the youth directorate offer guest candidates who they want to see at the festival. This year, for each meeting, the guys prepared a uniform presentation of their options for guests. Further, the Organizational group of the Directorate chooses the best of the proposed options and presents it to the Organizing Committee, which approves the guest list. Next, the youth directorate works with guests to organize their visit.

- Can you say what will be new and special this time?

- There will be new locations for almost all festival events. The 19th festival will be 90% updated!

- Concerts will be held for 3 days, each of them will be special? If we go to several concerts, won't they be the same? Will viewers not be bored?

- Each concert is special, because different artists participate in each. They cannot be boring.

- What is the main thing for you in organizing the festival? What condition is important for you, so that you could say the work was not done in vain?

- Implementation of the basic ideas that our team has a lot. When everything works out and we see an enthusiastic reaction of the participants and the audience, then there will be a feeling that the work was done not in vain.

Directions of the festival:

Musical Art

- vocals (pop, classical vocals, rap category, etc.)

- instrumental music (instrumental music, vocal-instrumental groups, etc.)

- DJing

Dance Art

- classical, ballet, dances of the peoples of the world

- sports dancing, hip-hop, break dancing


- self-authored poems

- reciters with the works of other authors

Art of Photography

- project

- photo report

- portrait

Visual arts

- graphic design

- painting


- authors of publications in print media

- authors of online media publications

- the author of the video blog

- the author of the blog in social media

Arts and crafts

- author's jewelry

- exclusive accessory

- individual costume

- image for photo shoot

Original genre

- confectionery art

- stage direction of events

- short film

Comic genre

- stand-up

- KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive People)

by Dmitry Mikhailov, based on the Festival Press Center