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Bone carving art as a business

  • Published in Culture
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Entrepreneur Egor Ilyinov did not immediately come to bone-carving art. Before that, he mastered the profession of a jeweler, which became a key factor for his lifework.

In 2007, a young man has entered the Arctic Institute of Culture and Arts and mastered bone-carving art under the guidance of the famous artist, bone-carver Konstantin Mamontov. As a student, Egor Ilyinov was awarded a Russian President Vladimir Putin's scholarship. Since he became a certified specialist in decorative and applied arts, Egor Ilyinov has been constantly improving his skills.

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In 2007, 2009 and 2010, Zhigansk, Mirny and Aikhal hosted personal exhibitions of a young bone carver. Egor participated in many regional, republican, Russian, international exhibitions and competitions. The bone carver has countless awards. Egor Ilyinov can be proud of his students participating in various scientific conferences, forums and readings.

What was the first work?
  • Earrings ‘Sterkh’ of mammoth tusk.
What inspires you as a master?
  • I draw inspiration from the environment, we live in the Far North and, accordingly, my subject is Northern life.
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How do you create?
  • First you need to find inspiration, an idea, then everything is created by itself when you are on fire. First of all, I make sketches, then draw up a work plan, including size, length, height, and general design. Next, the manufacturing process begins, namely rough processing. After putting the initial shape of the handicraft, it's time for sanding with the sandpaper, then final works, including shaping. The final stage is polishing.
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What materials do you use for work and where do you get them from?

  • Materials ordered by the client. Materials are such as: mammoth tusk, bone of various animals, animal hooves, mountain sheep horns, cows, reindeer, moose. I buy all these materials.
Do you make handicrafts by order or sell finished products? What is are most often ordered?
  • I like to work when I'm inspired, then the work has soul and alive. Any artist will agree with me. And sometimes I make to order. I also sell souvenirs in my store. In 2017, I opened a jewelry store selling pieces of art that I order from others.
How long does it take to manufacture a single piece?
  • It depends, for example, souvenirs, key chains - 50 pieces per week. Orders depend on the amount of work; it takes about a month. At least about a year is spent on creative work.
What tools do you use?
  • Basically the same as jewelers, but a little smaller. As far as I know, many jewelers have become bone-carvers or partially earn extra money as carvers.
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What are your future plans?

  • I want to grow; I dream to open a mini- bone carving plant. Fortunately, in our ulus there are horns, bones and hooves. And export products outside the ulus, republic, Russia.
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What would you like to wish to novice entrepreneurs?

  • Do not be afraid to take the first steps in any work, fulfill your dreams, strive on and on!