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And again, Mirny in anticipation of the CHEER Festival

Nastroenie Octoberfest1
October 18 - November 4, a hurricane of emotions returns to the cities of the Diamond Province - the CHEER Festival, and new guests will arrive in Mirny, Aikhal and Udachny.
And this time the hurricane is intensifying: there will be not only master classes and competitions as part of the Festival, but much more. The Festival is organized by ALROSA, the VTB United League and the All-Russian Federation of Dance Sport and Acrobatic Rock and Roll.
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Andrei Borisov’s proposal for the Year of Theater will be considered by the Ministry of Culture of Russia

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The first meeting of the organizing committee on holding the Year of Theater in 2019 was held in Moscow. It consists of prominent cultural and art figures of the country and only four representatives from the regions, including the State Counselor of Yakutia, Andrei Borisov. The director is the only person from the country's entities who made a package of proposals for inclusion in the program of the Year of Theater.
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Yakutsk International Film Festival 2019

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The festival was supposed to open on September 2, 2018 but was cancelled. Until recently it was not known when it would take place. However, this week, as it became known to YSIA, the Ministry of Culture of the republic decided on the date of the event.

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Russian Geographical Society Youth Clubs meeting in Yakutsk

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The first meeting of the Russian Geographical Society Youth Clubs of the Siberian and Far Eastern Districts will be held in Yakutsk in August 20-25. Guests will see the beauty of Yakutian nature and hold a forum to discuss the development of the regions.

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