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Film about deaf and dumb photographer from Yakutsk conquers Moscow

November 14 in Moscow started VII International Film Festival "Cinema without Barriers". The competition program of this huge event dedicated to lives of people with disabilities, and the film of Appolinaria KULACHIKOVA "The Inner Voice" is in the list.Here is an interview with the main character - photographer Sergei Platonov.
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Yakutsk preparing for Winter Starts in Yakutia festival

On December 1, the city of Yakutsk will see the opening of the Winter Starts in Yakutia festival . This is the seventh time the capital of the republic is going to host the main winter holiday of Russia.

The Organizing Committee, represented by the District Administration of the city of Yakutsk, together with the Ministry of Business and Tourism Development of the republic, have prepared  an interesting and eventful program for the city residents and guests.
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"Virtuosos of Yakutia" returned from South America

IA SakhaLife

From September 19 to October 17, 2014 the State Ensemble of Violinists of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) "Virtuosos of Yakutia" has toured in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and on return gave recitals in the cities of Yaroslavl and St. Petersburg, dedicated to 20th anniversary of the Ensemble.
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Youth Theatre: the first performance in Yukagir

Нунни 1
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October 24 and 25 - for the first time in the history of Yakutia, Russia and even the whole world at the Youth Theatre people could hear the Yukagir speech at the initiative of Art Director Aleksey Pavlov.Chief director Alexander Titigirov staged a theatrical performance based on the works of Nikolay Kurilov and legends of the Yukagir "Nungni". Scenography – Praskovia Pavlova and Maria Ivanova. Staging and translation into Yukagir - Polina Sentyakova.
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Opera and Ballet Theater on German TV

Театральная МАСКА
Today, in the morning the Sivtsev-Suorun Omolloon State Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) hosted a group of representatives of WDR from Cologne Lothar MATTNER, Marek KLODNICKI and Bjorn OELERICH and simultaneous interpreter Alexander Maximov.
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Yakutsk will host MixShow “Magic of a tusk”

Магия бивня

Bright and unique cultural project of V Bone Carving Art Festival of peoples of Russia MIXSHOW «Magic of a tusk" will be held on November 2 in the Trade Center "Kruzhalo" with participation of pop stars.
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Yakut Tusulge in American Park


During the festival of the Sakha culture in America, held at venues of Gualala Arts Center, Fort Ross State Historic Park and Gualala Point Regional Park
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From World Museums with Love

The preparation and publication of the system catalog "Material and spiritual culture of the peoples of Sakha-Yakutia of XVII - beginning of XX cc. in museums around the world" has started. The committee members discussed the work done, outlined new plans.
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Eco-tourism on the Lena Pillars

Executive Group of the Nature Park "Lena Pillars" took part in the First Russian-Chinese EXPO within the 25th anniversary of Commerce and Economic Fair in Harbin.Following the Exhibition-Fair the management of the Park is preparing several large-scale projects.
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