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ALROSA has tested a new generation separator

Diamond sorting center
ALROSA (PJSC) reports on successful tests of a new generation separator. Testing of the joint development of specialists from Burevestnik Innovation Center JSC, Yakutniproalmaz Institute, the ALROSA Innovation Center and Nyurba Mining and Processing Division successfully passed at the Processing Plant No. 16.

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Berkakit - Tommot - Yakutsk railway construction completed in Yakutia

zhelezka Berkakit Tommot YAkutsk 696x464

Yesterday, December 24, the first step was taken to put the Tommot - Nizhny Bestyakh launch complex into constant operation: the validity statement of the railway section was signed. During the first quarter of next year, the cargo will go to the final station at the rate of Russian Railways. In August 2019, Railways of Yakutia plan to begin passenger traffic.
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ALROSA and Nyurba signed a cooperation agreement

Podpisanie ALROSA Nurba1
On December 17, ALROSA and the Nyurba District municipality signed an agreement on long-term mutual cooperation in the field of social and economic development for 2019–2021, while the Company exercises the right to use subsoil resources in the Nyurba ulus.
The Company will transfer 324 million rubles annually to the Nyurba District.
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