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ALROSA is reforming its Geological Survey

  • Published in Economy
13.11.14d 12 Svarshhik 696x464

The issue of ALROSA Geological Survey was brought up repeatedly. In 2016 a fundamental decision was made. Within the framework of improving the organizational structure, it is planned to create three divisions with clear and logical functions that will be clearly delineated. This was announced by First Vice-President of ALROSA Igor Sobolev on April 7 in Mirny at the meeting of the Economic Board of the Company.

“The key issue for ALROSA is reproduction and expansion of the mineral resource base. The result of hard work of the exploration team in 2016 was the increase in the total diamond reserves by 58.4 million carats,"- Igor Sobolev said.

Recently, the solution of this strategic task is connected with a number of problems. The resource base in traditional production areas is being depleted; therefore, exploration work has to be conducted in new territories – remote ones, with complex geological, climatic conditions and underdeveloped infrastructure. At the moment, all the pipes emerging on the surface are open, and the search for new kimberlite pipes is hampered by the presence of a layer of overlapping rocks. In addition, due to lack of state financing, the Company is forced to carry out geological exploration at its own expense at the regional stage.

"Undoubtedly, solving these problems is impossible without adjusting the legislative and regulatory framework. Such work is carried out constantly. But the main task is to find and use internal reserves, increase the efficiency of the exploration complex," - said the First Vice-President of ALROSA.

General geological and geophysical survey planning and execution will be carried out by a geological expedition. The mountain drilling expedition will organize the technological processes of mining and drilling operations, and the scientific research enterprise will be engaged in forecasting, methodological support, and carrying out scientific and analytical work.

Optimization of the structure of the exploration complex by eliminating duplicate functions, reducing the excess auxiliary capacity, increasing the efficiency of management, concentrating efforts on priority facilities will allow to reduce costs and improve the quality of work, said Igor Sobolev.

In order to increase efficiency, modern technologies and new methods for prospecting diamond deposits are being developed and introduced in ALROSA. In 2016, experimental and methodological work was carried out on radiowave transillumination of inter-well space; a comprehensive aerial geophysical survey was performed using a highly efficient Canadian system. The program of innovative development and technological modernization of the enterprise for 2016-2023 is recognized as one of the best among companies with state participation. The main objectives of the new program, for the implementation of which it is planned to allocate 14.5 billion rubles, are the creation of new cost-effective technologies for the enrichment of diamonds, increase of productivity of geological prospecting works, search of new areas for application of diamonds in perspective branches of industry.