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Egor Borisov: The Republic will organically fit into digital economy program

  • Published in Economy

2 June Head of the RS (Y) Egor Borisov took part in the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum-2017, which was marked by the speech of Vladimir Putin, this time devoted much attention to the topic of "digital economy".

The head of state suggested several system-forming areas of development. We should start with a fundamentally new regulatory framework for the introduction of digital technologies in all spheres of life. Further, the state should provide support to those companies that are carriers of developments and competences in the field of digital technologies, which have a so-called cross-cutting effect. "With the participation of the state and private business, we will create a basic infrastructure for the digital economy, including secure communication lines and data processing centers," Vladimir Putin promised. It is connected with another task of the national level - digital universal education, i.e. universal digital literacy. It cannot be achieved without improving the education system at all levels: from school to higher education.

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On behalf of the president, the Government of the Russian Federation has prepared a program for the development of the digital economy. It will be discussed at the next meeting of the Council for Strategic Development and priority projects.

"The digital economy is not a separate industry," Putin summed up. "In essence, this is the basis that allows creating qualitatively new models of business, trade, logistics, production, changing the format of education, public health, public administration, communications between people, and consequently, sets a new paradigm for the development of the state, the economy and the whole society. According to this logic, we will build our economic and technological policy, industry, and infrastructure, form an open, free business environment and a flexible labor market, and solve problems that will ensure long-term growth."

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According to the head of Yakutia, the republic will organically fit into the program of development of the digital economy. Moreover, a good infrastructure for this has already been created. This concerns, above all, the development of high-speed Internet. Over the past five years almost 4 thousand kilometers of fiber-optic communication lines have been built in the republic. And this work does not stop for a day. The last success is the completion of the construction of the Kolyma Express fiber optic link in the territory of Yakutia. By the end of next year, the coverage rate of the republic's population with high-speed Internet will reach 75%.

In May, the head of the region discussed the development of IT industry in Yakutia with industry professionals. Heads of MyTona Сompany Ushnitsky brothers noted that the difference between Internet tariffs now and six years ago - "like heaven and earth", although, of course, the trend to further decline should continue. The problem of training local "IT people" became one of the key in the conversation. Then IL Darkhan put forward the idea of creating a training IT-center, which will teach and select the best, hold conferences, internships, courses.

Among other things, it was also about lowering the tax rate (from 6 to 3%) on a simplified taxation system for IT companies-taxpayers who selected income as an object of taxation.

- The president's theses on the digital economy, - the head of Yakutia emphasized, - determine the sequence and priorities for our further steps in the development of modern means of communication. Of course, this will give an additional impetus to the efforts that we are already undertaking in the republic to overcome the digital divide.