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Yakutia and Gazprom sign a new cooperation agreement

  • Published in Economy
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On June 2, within the framework of the XXI Petersburg International Economic Forum, a new Agreement on Cooperation between the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and PJSC Gazprom was concluded. The document was signed by the head of the republic Egor Borisov and the chairman of the board of the Company Aleksei Miller.

Updating the Agreement of 2007was reached in March this year, during the working meeting of signatories. The new version of the document will facilitate the implementation of the Eastern Gas Program aimed at the formation of new gas production centers and a unified system for gas transportation to consumers in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, as well as the export of Russian gas to China and the Asia-Pacific region.

The basis for the formation of the Yakut gas production center is the development of the Chayandinskoye field and the parallel construction of the “Power of Siberia” gas pipeline to ensure reliable supplies of natural gas to Russian and foreign consumers. In this regard, the document provides for bilateral cooperation in the field of geological study of subsurface resources, extraction and transportation of gas, oil, development of the industrial and social infrastructure of Yakutia and the creation of appropriate conditions for this.

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"The construction and follow-up activities of the Yakutia gas center need to involve local companies more widely. To date, only 15 enterprises of the republic have been contracted and subcontracted for the implementation of the Eastern Gas Program," the head of the region said during a meeting with the management of Gazprom in March. In this regard, at the suggestion of Borisov, the Agreement separately includes items on assistance in attracting the industrial potential of Yakutia's enterprises to participate in the implementation of hydrocarbon production and transportation projects in the region, as well as on the employment of local personnel by Gazprom's facilities and on greater access of business entities to purchases of Gazprom.

It is also important that the Agreement includes provisions on the implementation of integrated programs for environmental and nature restoration activities, the elimination of man-made emergencies, the removal of consequences of negative impacts and compensation for damage. Today, in the zone of economic activity of the enterprises of the Gazprom Group, a comprehensive system of environmental monitoring has been created, measures are being taken to preserve the original habitat, the traditional way of life of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North, and conduct ethnological expertise in places where these peoples live in compact places.

Aleksei Miller and Egor Borisov also signed a program for the development of gas supply and gasification of the republic for the period until 2026. In accordance with the document, Gazprom plans to build gas distribution stations, gas pipelines and inter-settlement gas pipelines in the territory of Yakutia with a total length of about 365 km. This will allow gasifying 29 settlements in Aldan, Lensk, Neryungri and Olekminsky districts of the republic. The government of the region, in turn, will provide construction of more than 396 km of intrasettlement lines, will prepare more than 6,6 thousand apartments and households, 90 boiler-houses for gas reception. The total investment volume of the company and the region under the program is estimated at 13.1 billion rubles.

Under the target program Gazprom - for children, it is planned to finance the construction of new multifunctional sports facilities in Lensk, Chulman and Aldan. The Company will also provide funding for the implementation of the Action Plan, timed to the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Yakut ASSR.

In addition, the item on the phased increase in the volume of tax payments paid by members of the consolidated group of taxpayers of Gazprom to the budget of the republic is included.

- The signing of the Agreement with PJSC Gazprom within the SPIEF was the result of intensive preliminary work of the bilateral working group, - the head of Yakutia said after the official ceremony. - We managed to achieve inclusion in the text of the Agreement of all prior agreements reached during our meeting with Alexei Borisovich in March. I am confident that now the role of Gazprom in the socio-economic development of Yakutia will become even more significant.