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Egor Borisov: The Brand ‘Tested by Yakutia’ may become competitive in the world

  • Published in Economy

2 June, on the second day of SPIEF-2017, the head of Yakutia took part in the summit of energy companies. Leaders of the largest oil and gas companies, leading suppliers of equipment and technologies, representatives of executive authorities from the oil-producing regions of the world, as well as authoritative experts in the economy of oil and gas industry gathered for the event.

In particular, Robert Dudley, Group Chief Executive Officer of BP Plc, Darren Woods, Chief Executive Officer of Exxon Mobil Corporation, Lorenzo Simonelli, President & CEO of General Electric Oil and Gas, Patrick Puyanne, CEO of Total addressed the summit. However, the most anticipated was the speech of Igor Sechin, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC NK Rosneft.


The head of Rosneft spoke about his vision of the state of the world oil market and the role of the Russian Federation in it, analyzed the possibilities of renewable energy sources (RES). The main forecast of Igor Sechin - the period of low oil prices will stay for long. All market participants are ready to increase production and a severe struggle for markets. The world economy is growing and requires energy, and not necessarily in the traditional form of hydrocarbons. But the possibilities of renewable energy in this sense still seem quite limited. In this regard, Sechin called on his colleagues to analyze the trends in the development of the electric vehicle market.

"Most likely, in the long term, electric vehicles will take their place in the growing fleet of means to provide mobility of the population and business. This will to some extent affect the rate of consumption, but will not lead to the displacement of petroleum products and the use of gas in transport,” - the head of Rosneft believes. Among other things, he mentioned that the creation of an infrastructure for charging electric vehicles may not pass the cold test: the batteries are discharged too quickly.

Thus, the mass transition to a new mode of transport, apparently, will not happen soon, and hence, the prospects for oil production remain unchanged. The quality of the Russian resource base, the successful development of its own technological and service competencies, active efforts to reduce costs, efficient acquisitions, and high corporate responsibility will keep Russia the place of one of the world leaders. Rosneft plans to further develop its integration ties with the countries of Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.


Egor Borisov, commenting on the results of the discussion, noted that it is important for the republic to keep abreast of world oil production trends. Yakutia is rightly listed among the regional leaders of Russia in the development of alternative energy and will continue projects in this area. Since 2011, 13 solar power plants have been installed and put into operation in four regions of the republic. The solar power plant in the village of Batagai in Verkhoyansky ulus with a capacity of 1 MW is one of the largest in the Far East and the only such capacity beyond the Arctic Circle. Work is under way to prepare the construction of a 1 MW wind farm in Tiksi in accordance with a memorandum between the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), PJSC RAO Energy Systems of the East and KOMAIHALTEC Inc. (Japan), signed in September 2015.


- In the conditions of Yakutia, energy is an expensive thing. We implement the concept of development of non-traditional energy sources, solar and wind. The international conference on renewable energy is held annually in the republic, this year it will be held for the fifth time. The interest is great, we will continue to develop this direction,- Borisov said.

In addition, Yakutia should be considered as a "cold ground", Egor Afanasievich adds. In particular, the problems of development of electric vehicle industry, which the head of Rosneft spoke about, can really be tested on the basis of tests at extremely low temperatures. In general, the brand "Tested by Yakutia" in the future can become quite competitive in the world market.