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Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yuri Trutnev: Interests of miners of the Mir mine will be protected

  • Published in Economy
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Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev arrived in Mirny today. The Vice Prime Minister of Russia examined the most problematic, at the moment, industrial facility in the region - the Mir mine.

Yuri Trutnev examined in detail the progress of emergency and recovery work in the mine of the Mir. The work is carried out in a tough schedule. Facts and figures of participation of ALROSA employees and third-party organizations in rescuing people during the accident in the mine were voiced. 320 people are involved in the repair and search and rescue operations. One hundred and fifty of them - the workers of ALROSA. At the level of -210, the base is deployed for mountain rescuers and workers rebuilding the mine. There are also three powerful pumps with a pumping capacity of 1.250 cubic meters of water per hour.

As of 14 August, the volume of water flow into the mine is 1,000 - 1,200 cubic meters per hour. Measures are being taken to "curb" the flow of water. At level -210 an exploratory well was drilled, blocking sudden water inflows. A lot of work has been done to pump water out of the bowl of the Mir quarry and transport it to the place of utilization. There are fortifications mounted, in order that the water from the quarry does not get into the underground workings.

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It should be reminded to readers that at the time of the accident, there were 151 miners in the mine. ALROSA miners, mine rescue team and the Ministry of Emergency Measures evacuated 143 people. The plain truth: 8 people, to this day, are not found.

The situation around the Mir mine is a complex, multifaceted problem related to the resolution of a multitude of mining and geological, construction, repair and recovery issues. Today in the administration of the Mir mine Yuri Trutnev held a meeting on the future of the underground mine. The meeting was attended by the head of Yakutia Egor Borisov, heads and responsible specialists of ALROSA and the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. At the meeting top managers and leading specialists of the underground profile of ALROSA have presented the reports on the current situation at the Mir mine.

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According to the existing tradition, was conducted a blitz interview of high-level executives for the media. The question from the correspondent of Media Group "Sitim" in Mirny, touched upon, perhaps, the most heart-rending theme. To my question: "Did you meet with the relatives of the miners who are underground?" the Vice-Premier answered: "Yes." Today he met with the relatives of the missing miners, and you will agree, this was a difficult conversation for him.

The Plenipotentiary instructed the government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the ALROSA management to take all measures to help the relatives of the affected miners, to stabilize the situation at an important production facility as soon as possible.

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister outlined a number of primary tasks for a thorough check of the precursor of the accident in the mine and instructed the Rostekhnadzor subdivision to conduct a thorough analysis and review of the incident.

During the meeting, prospects were noted for the development of the region's productive forces in the most developed industrial sector - Western Yakutia. Yuri Trutnev oversees the diamond mining industry. And much depends on his decisions in the development of the Company. The last time, Yuri Trutnev visited Mirny on July 10, 2015. Thus, a visit of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on the Far Eastern Federal District to the city of Mirny on August 14, 2017 can be considered very significant.

The state today pays special attention to the accelerated development of ALROSA. And in any case, the Russian government will support diamond miners. Il Darkhan Egor Borisov said that an agreement was reached with ALROSA on joint assistance to the miners' relatives.

The next question was addressed to the First Vice-President of ALROSA, Executive Director Igor Sobolev.


The question was very topical - will the workers of the Mir mine, who survived the accident, be 100% provided jobs? Igor Sobolev said that at the expense of the mine workers (more than 800 people) the staff of the Internatsionalny underground mine will be increased. Some of the workers of the Mir mine will remain here. The ALROSA top manager assured that all workers of the mine will be employed.

The employment issues in the new Verkhne-Munskoye diamond-bearing deposit are also not disregarded. And this is for the moment a definitely positive statement on the part of the management of AK ALROSA in the "whirlwind" of the negative.

Stanislav Alekseev, Mirny