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ALROSA will maintain financial stability despite the accident

  • Published in Economy

ALROSA will maintain its financial stability and continue its work despite the accident at the Mir mine in Yakutia, Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev told journalists on Monday.

"In addition to existing enterprises, the Company, with the support of the government, is starting to develop a new project - the Verkhne-Munskoye field, which means new volumes that will also make up for the volume of raw materials production. At the same time, I honestly do not see any tragedy for the Company: it is increasing in the year of extraction more than production from the deposit in Mirny. Therefore, the company will accurately retain financial stability and will continue to work and take care of people," Trutnev said during a working trip to the city of Mirny, answering the TASS question.

The Plenipotentiary noted that what happened at the Mir mine should be taken into account in order to check whether the safety precautions are observed in the implementation of all projects.

The previously approved production plan of the Company provided for the extraction and sale of 39 million carats of diamonds following the results of this year. Management did not exclude revision and increase in indicators by the fall. After the accident at the Mir mine, the President of the Company reported on the revision of the parameters of the Company's production activities and budget until August 19.

The Mir mine is being developed by the Mirny Ore Mining and Processing Plant, the oldest enterprise of ALROSA. Until 2001, the deposit was developed in an open way.

The mine has been operating since 2009; the average grade of diamonds is 3 carats per ton. The mine's capacity is 1 million tons of ore per year. The volume of extraction last year was 3.19 million carats.