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50 billion for Yakutsk

  • Published in Economy

In the next five years, 50 billion rubles will be allocated to the development of Yakutsk. This is the volume of investments envisaged by the Decree "On the Social and Economic Development of Yakutsk for 2017-2022" signed today by the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Egor Borisov.

This document is the result of a great joint work of the management of the city administration and the republic within the framework of the "Strategy for the development of the urban district "the city of Yakutsk" until 2032." The development strategy of the capital of the republic, developed at the initiative of Mayor Yakutsk Aisen Nikolaev, was adopted and started to be implemented in 2013.

By this Decree, in fact, for the first time, a full-fledged investment program for the development of the largest city of Yakutia is formed, where according to official figures today there are 325,000 people or one-third of the entire population of the republic. The authorities of the city were able to create the necessary conditions and find convincing arguments in favor of such an integrated approach to the development of the capital, which supported the authorities of the republic.

This will enable Yakutsk to continue the programs for resettlement of emergency and dilapidated housing, the construction of new schools and kindergartens, large-scale reconstruction of the road network, the construction of large-scale social and health infrastructure. Within the framework of the new Decree, significant projects for the townspeople will be implemented to put into operation a new water intake, to modernize the heat and water supply networks, to build a new and rehabilitate the existing landfill.

Source: Yakutsk.rf