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The forecast of social and economic development of Yakutia is improved

  • Published in Economy
osipov mikael

The government of Yakutia has adjusted the forecast of socio-economic development of the region in the direction of improvement in 2018 and the planning period of 2019-2020.
This was announced at the meeting of the republican government on October 23 by Acting First Deputy PM - Minister of Economy of the RS (Y) Mikhail Osipov. "The changes are related to the forecast of oil production volumes of OOO Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha, a subsidiary of Rosneft," he explained.

According to Osipov, the company increases oil production. From the next year, Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha plans a significant increase in oil. In 2018, the growth in oil production is projected by 1.399 thousand tons, in 2019 - by 1.852 thousand tons, in 2020 - by 2.540 thousand tons," he added.

In this connection, the profit markup of sound enterprises is expected to grow and, accordingly, the revenues to the budget for tax on it will increase. Instead of previously approved 158.7 billion rubles, the forecast is 174.9 billion rubles. According to Mikhail Osipov, in 2019 growth will amount to 12.870 million rubles, in 2020 - 11.640 million rubles.

According to the forecast of social and economic development of Yakutia for 2018-2020, the main share of the profit tax - 95.8% - will be occupied by enterprises for the extraction of other minerals. Thus, the share of diamond production will make 55.3%, the profit is forecasted at the level of 2017. The specific gravity of gold production is forecasted at the level of 12.3%, doubling by 2017 due to the growth of world gold prices and the implementation of the project for development of the Gross deposit. The implementation of the Elga project and the projects of the Kolmar Group will ensure coal production figures (specific weight - 13.8%) with a doubling by 2017.