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'Diamonds of Anabar' sold associated gold the first time in the history of Russia

  • Published in Economy
zagruzhennoe 35Almazy Anabara JSC (Diamonds of Anabar), a subsidiary of ALROSA PJSC, for the first time in the history of Russia, made a deal to sell associated gold produced during the development of a rough diamond deposit.

A total of 83.5 kg of gold was sold; Sberbank was a counterparty of the deal, having bought the whole lot of precious metal for more than 190 million rubles. The price was determined at the rate of the London Stock Exchange of Precious Metals.

Recall, at the end of last year, for the first time in the Russian Federation,  Almazy Anabara JSC supplemented its licenses with the right to extract associated gold in conjunction with diamond mining. This year, at its diamond-bearing mines, the Company fulfilled the plan for the extraction of precious metal by 111%.

The Company plans to arrange the extraction of associated gold and platinum in all its mines.