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The Industrial Cluster Might Be Opened In the Northwest of Yakutia

  • Published in Economy
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The scientific organizations of Siberia might develop a project of creating a new industrial cluster in Yakutia which will be producing and processing minerals, an academician of RAS and a research supervisor of V.S. Sobolev ‘s Institute of geology and mineralogy Nikolay Pokhilenko states.

"In the northwest of Yakutia a new industrial cluster similar to Norilsk one can be created - studying all aspects of this kind of project can become the most important task of the scientific organizations", - the scientist says.

According to Pokhilenko, the academic institutes of Yakutia and Siberia can potentially undertake all range and amount of work on scientific basis and support of new industrial and infrastructure projects.

The academician notes that Yakutia is rich with minerals - and not only diamonds, gold, rare and rare-earth metals, and the real potential of its economic growth lies in development of new mines and processing of minerals.

“Not so long ago manganese ores have been found there – which is in fact the only mineral of this kind in Russia, as the melitopol manganese is not accessible anymore", - Pokhilenko has told.