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Mirny has summed up the results

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It's time for the reporting period for 2017, when ALROSA summarizes the work of the team, discusses problem issues, sets new goals and objectives for further improvement of the company's production and economic activities.

Results of 2017

In general, the Mirny Ore Mining and Processing Plant showed the following volume and financial indicators for the past period:

- The plan for the main products is 100% fulfilled;

- The plan for commercial products is 100.1% fulfilled;

- According to the results of 2017, the actual number of employees of the Plant is 3 247 people. The average monthly salary with planned 115 000 rubles amounted to 118 000 rubles or 103% in comparison with the plan;

- For technical re-equipment - 516.5 million rubles planned, 803 million rubles spent. The given sum has developed in connection with the accelerated delivery of the equipment under the plan of 2018.

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Open mining operations

The year 2017 was completed with the implementation of the stripping and mining plan at most of the open fields of the Plant, with the exception of production at the technogenic deposit "Tailings Storage Facility of Processing Plant No.5," which is associated with processing problems at the Plant No.3. What is the execution of the sand processing plan? The team of the VG mine with the Integrated Automation System-1 units - 100%; the Integrated Automation System-2 units - 102.3%. Dredges of the Irelyakh mine - 94%. Plant number 3 fulfilled the plan for processing by 96.3%. The plan for processing heavy raw materials from the tailing dump is 80% complete. The Plant overprocessed the industrial product obtained at the Integrated Automation System-1 unit and Integrated Automation System-2 unit of the VG mine - 122%.

Underground mining

The fulfillment of the plan for the extraction of ore from underground mines Mir and Internatsionalny for 2017 amounted to 98.6% - 1 million 63 thousand tons with planned 1 million 78 thousand tons. The execution of the plan for mining and preparation works of Mir and Internatsionalny underground mines for 2017 was 83% - the fact is 50.6 thousand cubic meters with planned 61.2 thousand cubic meters.

The main reasons for the non-performance of the indicators at the Internatsionalny mine were: delay in commissioning a blind skip shaft, with the help of which it was planned to haul a rock mass with a mark of -832 m up to a mark of -560 m. At present, commissioning works on the shaft are still not finished; the transportation of rock mass is carried out by dump trucks. Due to the significant hauling distance of more than 2.5 km, there was a failure to meet the targets for extraction and pre-production mining. The failure to fulfill plans at the Mir mine is connected with the accident that occurred in August last year. This year, measures are planned for the resumption of mining operations at the Mir mine:

"ALROSA Diamond Company is holding an open design competition for the resumption of mining operations at the Mir mine in 2018. In this regard, the Yakutniproalmaz Institute hosted a conference on the restoration of the Mir mine. Various variants were presented on the basis of which the technical design specification was developed, within the framework of which the International Conference will be held in Moscow, April 24-26. The next stage in the restoration of the mine will be determination of the winner of the competition and this will be the launching point for selecting best ideas and starting the work-out of regulations for the design of the Mir mine,” commented the director of Mirny Plant Aleksei Kovalenko.

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Task performance

As a result of the 12 months of 2017, the target task for the commissioning of freon units at the freezing station of the Mir mine was not fulfilled. Project documentation has been received; the site for the installation of refrigeration units has been prepared. The delivery of equipment to the site of the Mir mine by the Department of Material and Technical Supply in 2017 was disrupted, due to the non-delivery of one part of the freon unit by the Siemens manufacturing company. The expected delivery time is Q1 2018.

The Internatsionalny mine did not ensure the production of pit reserves in the amount of 48 thousand tons in the second half of 2017, as the mining operations in Block 2 in 2017 were canceled and the volume of mining operations from the operating unit No. 2 was redistributed to the operational unit No. 10. In addition, in October 2017, the Department of Capital Construction was supposed to put into operation a skip shaft, but unfortunately the start-up and adjustment work was not completed. The next deadline for the Office of Capital Construction is expected in March 2018.

At the VG mine the target task was fulfilled to provide the Plant and the enterprises of the Mirny site with rubble in full. On the dredge №201 of the Irelyakh mine in the first quarter of 2017, the drum screen and the main classifiers KSN-15 were replaced. On the basis of the Repair and Construction Specialized Office, the production of high-pressure hoses for the divisions of ALROSA was organized. The equipment is received, installed according to the layout scheme and put into operation. From the components obtained in 2017, more than 4.500 high-pressure hoses were manufactured. Based on the results of the technical and economic evaluation, it was decided to provide high-pressure hoses to all the Company's divisions, beginning in 2018.

A program has been implemented to optimize the park of pumping equipment at the Concentrating Plant No. 3, but this is only the beginning. In 2017, the Company carried out a technological audit of the pumps of the Concentrating Plant No. 3 with economic conclusions, a program for the reconstruction and replacement of pumps for the near future was developed. The development of the program for the introduction of motor vehicles on gas engine fuel and related infrastructure on the sites of the Motor depot at the Mirny Mining and Processing Plant is continuing. Activities within the framework of the approved program to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs of ALROSA for 2017-2019 are being performed in accordance with the schedule.

Rationalization activity

Rationalization activity is quite active. In 2017 the specialists of the Plant submitted 69 proposals, of which 58 were introduced and adopted. The economic effect from the use of rationalization proposals was 28 million rubles. 94 people took part in the rationalization activity, of which 42 authors took part for the first time.

At the contest among the structural subdivisions of ALROSA, the Mir mine took the third place in the ‘main production’ category; the incentives went to the specialists of the Plant No. 3 and the Mir mine. In the ‘Auxiliary Production’ nomination, an incentive bonus went to the specialists of the Repair and Construction Specialized Office. A competition was held among the young specialists of the Plant on the topic - Solution of engineering tasks in Mirny Mining and Processing Plant. The first place was taken by the team of young specialists of the Repair and Construction Specialized Office.


Social responsibility

In the socio-cultural and sporting life, the Mirny Plant is consistently achieving positive results and as one of the first enterprises created within the Yakutalmaz Trust it has its own good traditions. Employees of our social department, together with the trade union committee, always pay attention to our pensioners and veterans. Every year they receive targeted assistance. Representatives of our team are active participants in all major sporting events of ALROSA.

With a view of healthcare, rest of workers and members of their families within 12 months of 2017 sanatorium-resort vacations in medical-improving establishments of ALROSA group, children's camps, preschool institutions were have been given out in quantity of 2.060.

Also in the past year, the Mirny Plant took second place in the creative competition among the employees of the Company - Spiritual facets of ALROSA. At the Youth Achievement of the Year Prize organized by the Profalmaz trade union, the Council of Young Specialists received 2nd prize and 80 thousand rubles for Best interaction with the primary trade union organization in the nomination For Effective Joint Work of the Enterprise Management, Trade Union Committee and the Council of Young Specialists.

"In 2018, Mirninsky GOK will continue to focus on the culture of production, the introduction of new technologies with the maximum provision of industrial safety, labor protection and compliance with environmental requirements, the effectiveness of underground work, improving working conditions, social sphere, as well as in training young professionals, in order to confidently look at tomorrow's day," said Aleksei Kovalenko in the end of the report and expressed gratitude to the team of the Plant for conscientious work.

We also give some targets for 2018:

- The planned performance of the Skip Shaft Assembly (SSS) tasks after commissioning;

- Commissioning of underground radiocommunication system SMS ISET at the Internatsionalnaya mine;

- Ensuring the unconditional fulfillment of the planned technical and operational indicators for the development of the Irelyakh placer deposit;

- Ensuring the transition of Dredge No. 201 from pit No.1 of the placer deposit Irelyakh to pit No.1 of the alluvial deposit Gornoye;

- Establishment in 2018 of a new boundary of the sanitary protection zone of the Mir quarry;

- Use of the Mining-Geological Information System in mine planning and reporting;

- Implementation of the production plan for the Internatsionalnaya mine - 540 thousand tons.

- Ensuring the implementation of measures to prevent violations of industrial safety requirements in accordance with the Rostekhnadzor regulation of September 2017.

Based on the report of AA Kovalenko