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ALROSA prepays USD 450 mln of bank loans

  • Published in Economy
Alrosa 13 03 2018
PJSC ALROSA prepaid USD 450 million of bank loans

ALROSA made an early repayment of a USD 250 million loan from Rosbank and a USD 200 million portion of the existing Raiffeisenbank loan, both raised in December 2017, reducing its debt by more than 27% to USD 1.17 billion.

The bank loans were repaid with the cash proceeds received from the Company’s auction sale of gas assets in February 2018.

“As part of the efforts to improve liquidity management, ALROSA repaid short-term bank loans for a total of USD 450 million ahead of schedule. The resulting savings on interest payments would amount to USD 9 million, positively impacting ALROSA’s financial performance in 2018,” said Alexey Philippovsky, Deputy CEO – Chief Financial Officer of ALROSA.
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