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ALROSA 2018: Dialogue in the new format

  • Published in Economy
2018 Khozaktiv

On March 13, the city of Mirny hosted a general event of 2018 - a meeting of the economic management of ALROSA. The meeting was attended by more than 500 delegates from structural divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates.
BEA and Ivanov

The current meeting of the Company's economic management is noteworthy for the fact that it was held in the TV conference mode with Udachny, Aikhal and Lensk. Thus, the forum covered the maximum number of people. The meeting was attended by the Head of Yakutia Egor Borisov, General Director - Chairman of the Board of ALROSA Sergei Ivanov, government delegation and members of the Republican parliament - Il Tyumen.

The agenda of the meeting consisted of a detailed report of the management of ALROSA Group on the results of financial and economic activities for 2017.

Delegates of Khozaktiv

DIAMOND ROUTE of 39.6 million carats

It is worth noting that the joint-stock company is working in the conditions of the ongoing economic crisis. At the same time, making a strong emphasis on industrial safety, which is connected with last year's tragedy at the underground mine MIR. And in spite of everything, 2017 was productive in terms of overall productive activity. In the world of roughed and polished diamonds trade, there was a revival of trading activity.

Gen Dir of ALROSA

The general director of ALROSA, Sergei Ivanov, in his opening remarks noted that the joint-stock company coped well with the annual task. In general, ALROSA successfully fulfilled the task for major and marketable products in 2017. The Company produced 39.6 million carats of rough diamonds. This is an excellent indicator in recent years. In the reporting year, the cumulative sales of diamond products totaled $ 4.3 billion. It should be noted that the average price of precious stones was lower than in 2016. The main production operated in a coordinated manner having processed 19.4 million of raw materials, the dredges washed 1.5 million cubic meters of diamond-bearing sands. The work of the geological industry has intensified. The increase in diamond reserves amounted to 57.8 million stocks.

Altogether during the reporting period, ALROSA spent 21.9 billion rubles of capital investments.


Khozaktiv meeting

In the years to come, the role of the Udachny Mining and Processing Plant significantly increases, since the Udachny underground mine in 2019 will reach the designed capacity and the Verkhne-Munsky (Upper Muna) diamond deposit in Oleneksky ulus will be developed.

Its reserves are 38.4 million carats of diamonds or 63 million tons of ore. The Udachny Mining and Processing Plant at the Upper Muna plans to produce up to 3 million tons of ore per year. Given these prospects, the capital investment in the Processing Plant No.12 is increased as well as the Udachny Mining and Processing Plant and the Processing Plant No.16 of the Nyurba Mining and Processing Plant. Their loads increase sharply with the introduction of new production facilities.

In general, it can be noted that the diamond Company's prospects are quite good.

Much attention is paid to financing the development of a major raw material facility at the Upper Muna. A year-round 170 km long motorway is built. Vehicles are being prepared (the Scania and Volvo road trains) to transport ore to the Plant No. 12 of the Udachny Mining and Processing Plant.

Subdivisions of the company not only coped with the production tasks adequately, but laid the foundation for their future. The Aikhal Mining and Processing Plant (Director R. Sanatulov) is still the leader among ore mining and processing enterprises.

Since 2019 it is planned to extract 4 million tons of ore in the Udachny underground mine. This will allow the Udachny Mining and Processing Plant to enter the leading positions and as a result up to 2026 the Udachny underground mine will produce 40 million tons of ore. But such a case needs the equipment and commissioning of facilities in the mine, required by changes in the legislation regarding the most hazardous industrial facilities.

But that's not all. The Aikhal underground mine has been producing 500 thousand tons of ore annually since its launch. Today, this facility urgently requires renovations. 22nd meeting of the economic management set the task of investigating the deep horizons of the largest quarry of ALROSA, Yubileynaya. As for the Nyurba Mining and Processing Plant, it has a reliable ore reserve up to 2046.

But, despite all the prospects, the issue of discovering new deposits continues to be a major topic for the residents of the Diamond Province.


This year, according to the existing regulations, much attention was given to the debate. A delegate from the Aikhal Mining and Processing Plant, A. Perevalov, gave impressive figures on the activities of the most powerful mining and processing plant. This is 13 million carats of diamond products. The delegate from Aikhal noted the well-coordinated work of the Yubileynaya and Komsomolsky quarries. In December 2017, the Processing Plant No. 14 marked the shipment of 200 million of ore from the Yubileynaya pipe. Delegate A. Perevalov highlighted the involvement in operation of the deeper horizons of Yubileynaya pipe, which would increase the reserves of the deposit until 2056.

Speaking after, the delegate of the Udachny Mining and Processing Plant, Pavel Egorov shared the success of fellow countrymen. In 2017, the Udachny mine produced 900.000 tons of ore, the pit of the Zarnitsa mine produced 2 million tons of ore. The speaker talked about the export of 75 thousand tons of ore from the Verkhne-Munskoye deposit by road trains. In September of this year, a shift camp will be built on the Upper Muna. According to Egorov, 300.000 tons of ore will be mined at the Verkhne-Munskoye field in 2018. And in 2019, this figure will reach 3 million tons of ore. In turn, the concentrator No. 12 in 2018 is ready to process 7.5 million tons of ore. And in 2019, it plans to reach a high level - 10.5 million tons of ore.

A delegate from Nyurba Plant A. Shchuklin told about the modernization at the enrichment plant No. 16 and rationalization methods. The specialist of the Nakyn ore field noted more than 40 rationalization works and 9 million rubles saved. The delegate announced that the rationalizer from Nyurba Mining and Processing Plant R. Valiev is recognized the best in ALROSA.

A delegate from Almazy Anabara, A. Okorokov, informed the forum that this year the enterprise celebrates its 20th anniversary. To their anniversary, the Yakut diamond miners made a worthy gift - last year Almazy Anabara (Diamonds of Anabar) produced 5.2 million carats, received 9.8 billion rubles of net profit. A delegate from Almazy Anabara told about the beginning of construction of facilities on the promising Khara Mas field.

Natalia Astafieva, a young worker at the Almazdortrans (Lensk), told about the following achievements. Inhabitants of the city of Lensk, employees of the Company, in the reporting year transported 420 thousand tons of various cargoes on winter roads. 44 vehicles are switched to gas. However, in the speech of the delegate from Almazdortrans, there were notes of concern about the upcoming organizational reforms.

The delegate from the Department of Capital Construction of ALROSA Artem Polyvyanny briefly told about the achievements of the construction complex of the Company. In total, in 2017, 30 facilities were commissioned, 15.8 billion rubles spent. The boiler-houses of Arylakh and Almazny villages were converted to gas. In the town of Udachny, a building for 130 apartments is being built for the ore mining and processing enterprise, in particular for specialists who will work at the Verkhne-Munskoye deposit and the Udachny mine. The delegate from the Capital Construction Department of ALROSA proudly told that the subdivision will build the Udachny underground mine ready in 2019.

Chief Geologist of ALROSA K. Garanin characterized the course of ongoing reforms in the geological industry. In 2017, the geologists of ALROSA worked in Angola and Botswana. On the territory of Western Yakutia, the major attention was paid to Malo-Botuobiinsky, Igyattinsky, Sredne-Markhinsky, Alakit-Viluysky, and Sredne-Viluisky geological regions.

Yakutniproalmaz Institute delegate M. Tishkov noted the importance of 500 works fulfilled for the customers. The economic effect of these works exceeded 300 million rubles. Among the primary works is highlighted the development of the bowels of the Udachnaya pipe. The development concept of the Aikhal Mining and Process Plant is being worked out. To this can be added the development of stocks of deep horizons at the Aikhal pipe. Thus, we can say that the scope of work is large-scale.

Head of ALROSA


The core part of the meeting was Q and A part. General Director of ALROSA Sergei Ivanov answered the questions of the participants from Aikhal, Udachny, Lensk via TV conference.

A total of more than 170 questions were asked on Salary and Compensation, Reform and Structural Changes, Living Conditions and Social Infrastructure.

One of the constituent parts of the Forum-2018 was the Industrial Safety session.

Sergei Ivanov voiced the new principles of industrial safety in ALROSA. There are five of them: the priority of safety, the responsibility of managers, the non-allowability of injuries and accidents, openness and honesty, as well as involvement. Now, each manager will be personally responsible for emergency incidents at the workplace, thanks to a policy of full openness. Even in spite of the fact that negative statistics in such situations can increase at times.

Sergei Ivanov: "In the beginning, statistics always start to grow, because what was previously hidden in the part of injuries will be officially recorded. All companies went through this, with which we communicated, and which introduced new principles of industrial safety. Therefore, to hide something will soon be virtually impossible. I guarantee this!"

During the meeting of the economic management of the Company an interactive voting was held. The employees were offered to name the most important conditions for increasing the level of industrial safety at the enterprises. Many believe that in the first place it is necessary to strengthen control. The second position was divided - measures to increase fines and increase personal responsibility of managers. The opinion of the public completely coincided with the new principles of industrial safety developed in the Company. But, as emphasized by Mikhail Ryazanov, Adviser to the General Director of ALROSA, new methods can be introduced only with full openness of information, and the workers themselves should take an active part in this.

Not always in case of violation of the rules of industrial safety, the manager can be to blame.

Perhaps, on-site lacked the necessary equipment for full-fledged work of employees. This was also noted by Mikhail Ryazanov. But according to him, the managers should openly talk about emerging problems, in order to solve them together, in no way concealing the incident.

Best employees of the Company were awarded. The Forum - 2018 clearly demonstrated the desire of ALROSA management to drastically improve the quality of work, working methods, incentive and motivation system.

Stanislav Alekseev, the city of Mirny

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