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Egor Borisov sets tasks for the new Minister of Economy of the Republic

  • Published in Economy
New Economy Minister
MARCH 25 Egor Borisov met with newly appointed Acting Minister of Economy Denis Belozerov

The key task of the ministry, according to Borisov, is the practical implementation of the Development Strategy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) till 2030 with a view to 2050 adopted in 2017.

One of its main directions is the digital economy - this topic was updated in the current Message of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly on March 1 this year.

"We are talking about education, healthcare, provision of public services, as well as the actual development of the IT industry in Yakutia, especially since there is a good groundwork," said Egor Borisov.

Another direction in which the new leader needs to focus is the support of local production and, accordingly, of small business. "For the past 10-15 years, we have dealt mainly with the development of large branches of the extractive industry. Our task at the present stage and in the long term is to support our residents who want to engage in production focused primarily on the local market,” stressed Il Darkhan. This will also solve employment issues, especially in rural areas.

Besides, it is necessary to continue supporting existing enterprises that manufacture high-quality products under the brand Made in Yakutia, promote the brand, including markets outside the republic, added Egor Borisov.

Implementation of the investment program in the construction of social infrastructure also requires adjustments: modern schools, boiler houses, hospitals should be in demand and be effectively used, taking into account the level of development and the needs of specific municipalities.

The tasks set by Il Darkhan cannot be solved without modern management methods. Therefore, the head actualized the importance of implementing the project management and the establishment of a Change Management Center under the Government of the RS (Y), where the Ministry of Economy is assigned one of the main roles. "The success of government reforms and the implementation of this policy, its positive perception by the population, will largely depend on the activity of the ministry, your personal purposefulness and project working knowledge," Egor Borisov told the new leader.

Yakutia is located in the single economic space of the Russian Federation, therefore, among other things, the minister should work in close business contacts with federal structures and profile departments of the Far Eastern Federal District. The establishment of such "communication channels" will allow timely and prompt resolution of emerging issues and make known the position of Yakutia to the relevant federal authorities.

Another thesis of Il Darkhan, voiced to Denis Belozerov, concerned improving the quality of economic forecasts. "The Ministry needs to improve the quality of forecasts on which strategic and tactical planning, budgetary and investment policies are based,” the leader of Yakutia called on his young colleague, wishing him success in his new career.