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The government sums up the economic development of Yakutia in 2017

  • Published in Economy
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On Thursday, March 29, the cabinet of ministers will consider the results of the socio-economic development of the republic for 2017 and determine the tasks for the current year.

Some figures are already known today - last year the increase in gross regional product is estimated at 102.2% compared to 2016. There is an increase in industry by 102.2%, investment in fixed assets by 135.4%. For the first time in seven years, the production of agricultural products has been increased by 101.7% by 2016, gross output amounted to 25.1 billion rubles.

The growth in housing construction continued - 634.6 thousand sq m. 54 social facilities have been commissioned, including 8 schools, 27 kindergartens, 6 health facilities, 7 cultural facilities, 4 sports facilities, 2 social security facilities.