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‘Kolmar’ plans to export coal to Korea, India and Vietnam

‘Kolmar’ Coal Company plans to supply products to the Asia-Pacific region - Korea, India and Vietnam. This was reported by Deputy General Director of the Company Anna Tsivileva.

"We are actively implementing projects to export products to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. We launched the first concentrating plant ‘Inaglinskaya-1’ and have a new product - the concentrate. This is high-quality coking coal, which is of interest for foreign metallurgists. For two years we have been exporting such coal abroad. About 70% of our coal goes to foreign markets. After the launch of the Denisovskaya plant, our production volume is tripled. Long-term contracts are concluded with Baowu Steel (China), JFE (Japan). We carry coal to Europe - the largest metallurgist Arcelor Mittal - and some of coal to Poland. Since Asia is logistically the closest area, our core products go there. So far, the major market for us is China - about 70 per cent of our foreign export," said Deputy General Director of 'Kolmar' Anna Tsivileva.


Currently, Kolmar MC is negotiating to expand exports to other APR countries. "Now we are negotiating with Vietnam and the Republic of Korea. In particular, in Korea we are discussing the supply of coal with POSCO. After the launch of the first stage of our terminal in the Muchka Bay in 2020 in Khabarovsk Krai, we will have an opportunity to tap the Indian market. Small vessels of 30 thousand tons are unprofitable because of the long distance. Most of the profits will spend on freight. As soon as we have our own port for large-capacity vessels and large lots of coal, then a large promising Indian market will open for us, which already shows interest in our coal. We had preliminary negotiations. It's far-reaching business," the Company representative explained.

According to Anna Tsivileva, guarantee of uninterrupted deliveries is important for foreign partners. "Our primary goal as a supplier is to create a reputation of a reliable and decent partner. The Asian market of coking coal depends on the supply of Australia and the United States. In Japan, this is up to 80% of coal imports. Russia lost its prestige and market share in the 1990s, when contractual obligations were broken, deliveries were of inadequate quality, supply volumes were not observed. To ensure our reliability, we have created a full cycle company. This is the attractiveness of 'Kolmar'. We conduct geological exploration, we ourselves extract coal, after that it is checked for quality. We have created our own transport company; we are building our own port. That's how we minimize the external factors of contract breakdown," she clarified.


Deliveries of coal to foreign markets by ‘Kolmar’ are increasing every year. "Partners are convinced of our reliability. We agree on increasing supplies and re-signing long-term contracts," said Anna Tsivileva.