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IT-preachers and bioethics: What professions will be in demand in Yakutia in the future

future professions1

Many of those who currently go to school or university will hold the positions that do not yet exist

Here in the analysis of future professions by the State Committee of the Republic, which will be in demand until 2027, there are those about which little is known today.

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Engineer of robotic systems

Industry in our republic will always remain one of the most demanded areas. For the next ten years, about 8.000 vacancies are forecasted in this direction. If now Yakutia needs mine captains and fitters, then in the future, engineers of robotic systems will be needed. These specialists will serve automated systems for monitoring, development, production and processing on mineral deposits.

future professions3

Designers of "smart" houses

Professions in the construction industry now occupy more than 19% of the entire job market. They will not become irrelevant in 10 years. In the future, so-called "smart" houses will be built, accordingly, they will be designed by specialists trained in this. Their authority should include the installation and configuration of an intelligent household management system - household appliances, security system, energy supply, water supply and others.

future professions4

IT-doctors, bioethics and genetic counselors

The healthcare of Yakutia in the future will be focused on specialists in innovative technologies. Along with therapists and pediatricians, IT doctors, medical equipment architects, bioethics and genetic counselors will work in hospitals. Network doctors of the 21st century will advise on molecular dietetics and healthy old age, use robots and cyber prostheses, and also explore the pharmacology market. Also the list of the most popular professions includes cosmetologists and technicians for biotechnical and medical devices and systems.

This can be learned, without waiting for the future, in a number of medical higher education institutes in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Smolensk and Kuban.

future professions5

Startup mentors and tutors

The branch of pedagogy will also undergo changes. Much attention will be paid to the development of new educational trajectories, the organization of project training and pedagogical online platforms. Game educators, startup mentors and tutors will become routine.

future professions6


The agricultural sector of the republic will be developed with the help of scientific and technical achievements. Biotechnology is one of the most promising in the new technological order. Over the next decades, it will not only develop itself, but also fundamentally change agriculture.

One of the important priorities of the industry development is the provision of the Agro-Industrial Complex with qualified manpower resources. It is necessary to further improve the level and quality of life of the population in rural areas to attract and retain staff in agriculture.

future professions7

Developers of smart networks and meteo energy

If there are "smart" houses, then there must be "smart" networks. Networks with intelligent control, which allow you to adjust the optimal modes at the expense of a precisely defined level of power consumption. Professionals of the future housing and communal services will be developers of energy consumption systems, meteo power engineers and systems modernization managers.

future professions8

Drone designers

In the near future, intelligent systems will become part of the transport infrastructure, this will concern both traffic management and personal vehicle management. Now there are unmanned vehicles, it is logical that those who design them will be in demand. We will need specialists who create flying drones.

future professions9


For 2018-2027 more than 3.000 vacancies are projected in the information industry of Yakutia. In the future, the appearance of a profession with an interesting name IT-preacher is possible. This has nothing to do with religion, this specialist will teach new programs and services, and also promote them among the population.