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Lensk River Port starts navigation

  • Published in Economy
ALROSA announces the opening of the navigation period in the Lensk River Port. The navigation of 2018 will last 155 days, the port plans to take 330 thousand tons of cargo.

The Lensk River Port hosted the opening ceremony of the 63rd navigation period. Lensk is called Diamond Province Gates. In the presence of the management of the Almazdortrans Production Department, managers and employees of related enterprises and the entire river port staff, the key to the new navigation was handed to the captain of the M/V Mikhail Latko, Sergei Dobrynin. His ship came first to the Lensk River Port from Ust-Kut, delivering about 2 thousand tons of cargo: animal feedstuff, cable products, pumps, cement, BelAZ dump trucks for the Verkhne-Munskoye deposit of Udachny Mining and Process Plant, motor oil, construction and other materials required for ALROSA.

"Sending cargo from Ust-Kut, and not from Yakutsk, remains the most economical way. Ice drift has already passed Lensk district. However, weather conditions are still unstable. The teams of ALROSA-Lena and the ALROSA Logistics and Material Supply Department will make every effort to ensure that the navigation of 2018 goes well and that during this period we realize the maximum reception of cargo,” said Vladimir Kozlov, Deputy General Director of ALROSA. “In the winter, we carried out a large scope of ship repairs, which will allow us to work on the upper section within the period of the entire navigation."

The navigation period will last until October. During this time, the Lensk River Port will receive 330.000 tons of cargo.


The Lensk River Port has modern crane facilities and is of key importance for ALROSA, as it supplies all the cargoes that are strategically important for the Company's activities. There are 7 gantry cranes, 1 crane vessel, 2 automobile cranes KATO-75 and KATO-50 at the river port.