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Yakutia's budget income grew by 12 billion rubles

  • Published in Economy
BEA 16052018

Budget income of Yakutia increased by 12 billion rubles in comparison to 2017, Il Darkhan Egor Borisov said at a meeting with leading media of the republic.

"Budget income grew by 12 billion rubles compared to last year. First of all, this is due to fluctuations in the ruble exchange rate and the financial results of enterprises. Positive situation has formed because of rising oil prices," said Egor Borisov.

At the same time the region is experiencing certain difficulties due to the need to fulfill all social obligations: "In 2018, we spent 194 billion rubles, of which over 80 billion was the wages of public sector employees. Moreover, the mechanism for calculating the minimum wage has changed, now the regional premium rates are added."

In general, according to the head of Yakutia, the economy is experiencing a trend of smooth growth. The index of industrial development is 104%. In 2018 105 billion rubles were invested in the republic's economy.

"Meanwhile, today the transport complex in the southern part of Yakutia is experiencing difficulties, primarily because of the weather conditions. Cargo carriage volume has decreased, the passenger traffic in aviation has also decreased. There are certain difficulties in agriculture," said Il Darkhan.