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Lyudmila Nikolaeva: Digital economy requires qualified specialists

  • Published in Economy
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For the successful transition of Russia to a digital economy, one should seriously take the training of qualified personnel. In this process, not only educational institutions, but also organizations, enterprises should take part. This was stated by Lyudmila Nikolaeva, Chairman of the Board of AlmazErgienBank in her speech at the signing of the agreement on cooperation with the Yakut State Agricultural Academy.

"Russia enters the era of digital economy. The changes that have been initiated will primarily affect the banking industry, so we are now thinking of a strategy for further development of AlmazErgienBank and its subsidiaries. We are looking for partners not only inside the country, but also beyond its borders, which can assist us in solving emerging problems. This is certainly a new challenge, a competent answer to which will help transform our model from traditional to digital. The task is complex, ambitious, but we are optimistic about the future and we expect that the joint activities of the Central Bank of Russia, industry associations to create centralized systems to ensure the entry of Russian banks into digital technologies, will bring results,” noted Lyudmila Nikolaeva.

According to her, during the changes that are taking place, the issue of building human resources is especially topical: "We cannot work in isolation from educational institutions, which, in fact, are training specialists for us. The Soviet slogan "cadres are all-important" is as relevant today as ever, because without competent staff, no organization can develop steadily. We do not intend to confine ourselves to a signed agreement, we must build constant constructive cooperation. It is encouraging to hear that the Yakut State Agricultural Academy keeps pace with the times and opens Digital Technologies Department. Believe me, its graduates will be of huge demand not only in our bank, but in the entire Yakutia."

Nikolaeva also stressed that AEB is interested in having students practice in a financial institution.

"The more often you send students to have their intern program to us, the better they will understand what they are learning, in addition, they will have better understanding of employers' expectations. All this can improve the quality of education in the Academy. Furthermore, the degree course should be a conscious choice. It is hopelessly outdated when the profession is mastered only to satisfy the requests of parents or because "it is cool to have a higher education." Today's students should understand where and how they will work, so that the job they do brings pleasure. The final result depends on this. When a student enters a certain production environment, he realizes whether he belongs here or not, whether he made the right choice or not. The timeliness of such an understanding is necessary both for the student himself and for the employer,” said the Chairman of the Board of AlmazErgienBank.

In recent times, special attention has been paid to digitalization issues in Russia. The new structure of the federal government created the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications, which, according to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, will help create a legal framework for the development of the digital economy.