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Tomtor deposit in Yakutia will create 300 new jobs

  • Published in Economy
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The development of one of the world's largest rare-earth metals deposits, Tomtor in Yakutia, will create about 300 jobs in just only one mining enterprise, TASS learned from the Minister of Industry and Geology of the republic Maksim Tereshchenko.

“The number of jobs created in only one mining enterprise can be about 300 people. When winter roads are in operation - up to 500 people,” said in the response of Maksim Tereshchenko.

"The development of the Tomtor deposit can open the prospects for solving the problem of local employment and the development of local infrastructure. Moreover, it will contribute to the revival of the Arctic zone as a whole, becoming an incentive for the implementation of other projects," the minister said.

The beginning of the development of the field is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021. This will be preceded by the completion of the expertise of the project documentation, the coordination of the technical design, the execution of construction and installation works and the commissioning of the facilities.

The minister specified that geological exploration, ecological, geophysical, geocryological and hydrogeological investigations have already been carried out at the deposit, the stability of the quarry sides has been studied, and the ore-rock model of the deposit has been prepared. The state examination of documents and materials of the feasibility study of the permanent exploratory conditions and a report with calculation of the reserves at the Buranny site have been completed.