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Geologists of the Neryungri mine discover a new gold deposit

  • Published in Economy
new gold deposit1

Neryungri-Metallik, a part of the Nordgold international company, has discovered a new gold deposit, Vysokoye, located in the south of the republic in the Olekminsky district, not far from the existing fields.

Neryungri-Metallik received a relevant certificate "On the establishment of the discovery of a mineral deposit" from the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use.

new gold deposit2

Vysokoye is the third deposit of ore gold, discovered exclusively by the geological service of the ‘Neryungri’ mine. It is a small satellite object with a relatively high gold content. Total reserves of Vysokoye are almost 2 tons 150 kg of gold with an average content of 1.3 grams of precious metal in one ton of ore, resources in flanks and deep levels - another 250 kg.

The area of the Vysokoye deposit is small - 3600 square meters. Geologists have been examining it for 5 years. For the first time, the Vysokoye ore occurrence within the South Uguysky license area was discovered by geologists of Neryungri-Metallik in 2006. Based on the results of the performed work, a quantitative estimate of the forecast gold resources was made, which, with a cuttoff grade of 0.7 g / t, amounted to 2.4 tons, and with an average content of 1.3 g / ton - 2.1 tons. The ore of the Vysokoye deposit is represented by oxidized Proterozoic sandstones from the Olonokonsky suite, it can be easily enriched and, according to its technological properties, is suitable for processing by heap leaching under the condition of crushing.

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"The discovery of a new field is a great achievement in the life of any mining enterprise. The team of the Neryungri-Metallik geological service in recent years has done a lot of work, which resulted in the discovery of two deposits: ‘Temnoye’ in 2016 and ‘Vysokoye’ in 2018, located near the main gold deposit ‘Tabornoye.’ Although the reserves of new deposits are not large, nevertheless, they have become a significant support in the implementation of the company's plan for the production of gold,” Natalia Chvarova, Director for Mineral Resources of Neryungri-Metallik, said.

To date, Neryungri-Metallik is engaged in gold mining in the Olekminsky district of Yakutia at three deposits - Tabornoye, Gross and Temnoye. The Vysokoye deposit is located three kilometers to the southwest of the Tabornoye deposit in the near-edge part of the Vysoky brook. It should be noted that in the resource portfolio of the enterprise there is another promising project - the Tokkinskaya (Tokko) license area. This year, the geologists of the mine concentrated their main part of the field work on the main ore zone of the Tokko area - on the sites Anomalia-13, Vrezanny and Roman.

In 2018, the Neryungri mine will invest about 130 million rubles in geological prospecting.

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Neryungri-Metallik LLC, part of the Nordgold international gold mining company, has been mining gold since 2002 at the Taborny open pit mining site located on the territory of Olekminsky ulus in the south-western part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) within the eastern part of Olekmo-Charsky uplands. In 2017, gold production at the enterprise amounted to 67 thousand ounces (or 2 tons 84 kg) of refined gold.