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Nizhny Bestyakh to get a cargo pier by 2021

  • Published in Economy
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A new unit of Nizhny Bestyakh cargo terminal will become a logistic consecution of the railway line and will allow LORP JSC performing secure cargo transportation both north- and southward.

Considering that both the railway and cargo terminal are in the village of Nizhny Bestyakh, the construction of the landing pier will solve most of the difficulties both consignees and cargo owners face. This will be sort of the exit of the railway to the Arctic along the main waterways of the Lena basin.

The contractor reports that the main and most complicated stage of the work has been completed by now.

Although the imbedding of panels was performed in adverse climatic conditions since December, we had to get done before the ice drift. We had two shifts working so the work didn’t stop 24 hours a day. The burial depth of a 23-meter panel amounted to 15 meters,” – said OOO Promstroygrup Senior Executive Vice-President Yuriy Gureev.

Today constructors are working on RP 40 wale and setting up anchor bars to make the pier safe to use with loads up to 250 tons.

The unit is planned to be put into service by 2021. “This is a socially significant project for the entire republic, since its appearance will several objectives, including direct shipping of cargo for the needs of the Arctic coast, populated areas of the upper and middle Lena,” LORP JSC press service informed.