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ALROSA subsidiary shows a record result

  • Published in Economy
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'Diamonds of Anabar’ (a subsidiary of ALROSA) for the washing season of 2018 (from May 20 to September 24) produced more than 5.4 million carats of diamonds

As the press service of ALROSA stresses, “this is a record level of production for all the years of the enterprise’s operation. The production plan has been exceeded by 9%. Indicators of mining operations, most of which occurred in the winter, were also fully implemented - about 14 million cubic meters of rock mass were mined and processed."

“These results of work have become possible thanks to the improvement of the processing technology of diamond-yielding sands. In particular, we modernized the X-ray separation line, which allowed us to unload the heavy-medium plants at the Bolshaya Kuonamka deposit and increase the capacity of the sorting plants,” said General Director of ‘Diamonds of Anabar’ Pavel Marinychev.

According to him, the positive dynamics of production was significantly influenced by favorable weather conditions - the production period at the mines increased. But, of course, Marinychev stressed, the main factor is the coordinated work of all the services involved.

In 2018, ‘Diamonds of Anabar’ continued the development of new promising areas. “This year we opened a new mining area, Khara-Mas, in the tundra zone. According to the results of the completed washing season, we can safely say that the site turned out to be promising, all the planned indicators for it were confirmed by the final results," explained Pavel Marinychev.

The mineral resource base of ‘Diamonds of Anabar’ is constantly being strengthened - so, in 2017, a subsidiary of ALROSA received six new fields on the balance sheet.

Next year, the company plans to increase production at the fields of the Ebelyakh group by 1 million carats. According to Marinychev, preparatory work has been carried out for this purpose - the capacity parks of fuel and lubricants have been expanded, new special equipment has been ordered, rotational camps are being developed.

Beginning in 2017, 'Diamonds of Anabar' started the extraction of gold. Last year it was produced over 80 kg of gold, in 2018 - 113 kg of gold.