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ALROSA continues to optimize its management structure

  • Published in Economy
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ALROSA announces the liquidation of a representative office in the city of Orel. This decision was made in order to optimize the management structure and eliminate duplication of functions within the Company.

An entry in the Register of Companies on the liquidation of the representative office was made on Thursday, October 11. The assignee of all rights and obligations under the contracts concluded by the representative office is PJSC ALROSA.

The ALROSA representative office in Orel was established on the basis of the decision of the Supervisory Board of the Company, adopted in May 2000. Its main task was the comprehensive representation of the Company's interests in the territory of the Orel region. In addition, previously in Orel there was the ALROSA diamond-cutting facility that ceased its activities in 2016. However, at present the main legal, administrative, economic and other functions are performed by specialized subdivisions within ALROSA management unit in Moscow.

“Liquidation of redundant administrative structure will simplify the management model, eliminate duplication of functions and excessive circulation of documents, which until recently existed between the representative office on the one hand, and the management apparatus in Moscow and Mirny on the other,” noted the head of the Administration of ALROSA Joint Stock Company, Sergey Slobodin.