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ALROSA drivers undergo a simulator-training course

  • Published in Economy
As the director of ALROSA Personnel Training Center, Sergey Andreevsky, said, this is the third module for a simulator acquired by the Company in 2015.

“The first two are for underground equipment: a mining excavation machine and an underground drilling rig. New module is a CAT-777 mining dump truck. Such machines are used by the Nyurba mine in Nakyn. he training program has been formed; we will instill the right driving skills.”

In 2015, ALROSA acquired a mining simulator of a mining excavation machine manufactured by ThoroughTec Simulation (South Africa). The purpose of its acquisition was to develop practical skills for working with mining equipment outside underground conditions, so that newly recruited workers receive practical skills in the learning process and reduce the period of their adaptation in real conditions.

In the process of operation, according to experts of underground mines, the simulator has proven itself on the positive side, and as a result, the Company's management decided to purchase an additional module of an underground drilling machine. This equipment was commissioned in the beginning of 2017, and it also began to be used in the process of training in the profession of “Underground Drill Driver.”

In the period from 2016 to 2017, the management of the Nyurba Ore Mining and Processing Plant considered the issue of the duration of the established resource of the units of the large CAT-777 mining dump truck, namely the gearbox, axle drive gear, track gear reducer, and the possibility of increasing these resources. For this purpose, as well as to reduce the costs of scheduled preventive repairs, to increase time between overhaul, in 2018 the CAT-777 dump truck module was purchased. To achieve the above objectives, the newly recruited drivers will acquire practical skills in driving the dump truck with the help of this equipment. Also, this equipment will help to hold an annual knowledge assessment for the drivers of technological transport of the Nyurba Mining and Processing Plant and drivers who have had a break in work for more than 4 months.

Thus, all drivers of technological transport pass and will be trained on special simulators. They completely copy the driver’s cab. There are even “no smoking” and “fasten seat belts” tumblers. The video image of the road, horizon, clouds and views of the landscape of the area imitate a real trip. There are pneumatic cab supports that make it vibrate and move when traveling. In general, everything is in order to be able to properly operate the equipment and prevent the facts of disabling technological transport, thereby minimizing costs.