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Aisen Nikolaev on socio-economic development of Yakutsk

  • Published in Economy
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The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, discussed the main issues of execution of the decree on the socio-economic development of the capital in 2017-2022 with members of the government and the mayor of Yakutsk. The head of the republic gave a number of key instructions to the sectoral departments and the municipality itself.

Aisen Nikolaev has repeatedly focused on the development of the southern part of Yakutsk. In his opinion, this part of the city today is actually “locked up” by the lack of drainage, water supply and sewage sources. According to the head of the region, the construction of a new infrastructure hub in this area has become an urgent need. At the same time, the municipality itself will not be able to resolve this issue only at its own expense.

“I ask the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities and Energy of the Republic to keep under control issues of waste treatment, waste management, heat supply and further development of the wastewater infrastructure in the southern part of Yakutsk. This is important,” the head of the republic said, noting also that the Ministry of Nature Protection “should not forget about the recultivation project.”
Nikolaev also stressed that it is necessary to achieve federal funding for the construction of the Adaptive Physical Education and Sports Center, which should be built in the southern part of the city.

On the issue of the introduction of new health care facilities in Yakutsk, Il Darkhan noted that the Cardiology dispensary should be included in the development program of the Far East. The Oncologic dispensary at the expense of the federal program and republican co-financing will be put into operation on time.

The head of Yakutia also drew attention to the issue of kindergartens and schools and gave a clear instruction to the authorities of Yakutsk to do everything to complete the construction of school No. 35. The Ministry of Innovation and Digital Development also received a separate order to introduce the first stage of the IT park in 2018 and complete its commissioning in the first quarter of 2019.