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5 priority objectives for Yakutia

  • Published in Economy
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On October 27, the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, signed a decree, which determines five priority objectives for the socio-economic development of the republic until 2024, the press service of the head and government of the RS (Y) informed.

  1. Ensuring the leadership of Yakutia in the development of competitive basic sectors of the economy in the global market, identifying the supporting points of growth of the industrial economy.
  2. Ensuring the growth rates of the non-resource export-oriented sector of the regional economy above 10 percent annually from 2019 by supporting entrepreneurial initiatives, investment projects and digitalization of the economy.
  3. Technological modernization of traditional economic sectors - industry, agriculture, transport, trade and construction.
  4. 25 percent increase of labor productivity at enterprises of basic non-resource industries of the economy by 2024.
  5. Reducing the level of poverty of the population, ensuring a steady growth of real incomes of the population by developing entrepreneurial initiative and increasing employment.
The decree contains a number of specific instructions to the government of Yakutia to ensure sustained industrial development, develop non-resource export-oriented industries, increase labor productivity, build social, transport, energy and information and communication infrastructure in the republic, as well as increase employment and reduce poverty.

In addition, the document provides recommendations to scientists, the business community and public organizations and the heads of municipal and urban districts of Yakutia.

The decree should be a fundamental document for the implementation of the strategic objectives of the development of the largest constituent entity of the Russian Federation until 2024, for ensuring the leadership of the republic among Russia's regions in economic development and the competitiveness of human capital by 2032 - to the 400th anniversary of the entry of Yakutia into the Russian state and the integration of the northern region into the global economic system in the long term.

"Global goals and challenges are set so that it all works for a person, so that the life of people in our harshest climate on the planet be calm, comfortable and safe," says Aisen Nikolaev. To improve the quality of life of the population, Aisen Nikolaev instructed to increase the economic connectedness of the republic’s territories by expanding and modernizing the social and engineering infrastructure.

“Yakutia can and should become one of the leaders of development not only of the Far East, but of the whole of Russia. There is everything for this in the republic: natural, technical, and most importantly, human resources - educated and very active people - unique human capital,” the Head of the republic said.