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Residents of Yakutia take part in the Far East Development Program

  • Published in Economy
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On November 6, the Public Chamber of Yakutia began collecting proposals for the development of a National Program for the Development of the Far East

The document with the proposals of the residents of the region will go to the government of the republic, said Natalia Kharenko, Deputy Chairman of the regional Public Chamber, reports the press service of the head and government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Within the project, the Public Chamber of the RS (Y) organizes various events that help the residents of the republic express their opinions.

The roadmap contains speakers' training, round tables, various discussion platforms, a number of visits to the municipalities of the republic are scheduled as well.

On November 13, the Republican Media Center will host a meeting of the club called What's wrong? to hear different opinions of the public and citizens. Today, the project “My Ideas for the Far East” is already starting to receive proposals. Results of collecting proposals from the population of the republic will be announced November 23 - 25.

All proposals and ideas of people will be carefully considered. The best of them will be sent to the developers of the Program for the Development of the Far East as proposals from the republic.